I just joined this site and I thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Daniel. I am an atheist and live in south Hampshire in the UK.

I also have an autism spectrum disorder. I often feel isolated because very few people understand what it's like to be autistic. I am hoping to meet people who share my naturalistic rationalist worldview, and who understand autism well - for example, family members of autistic people.

Regarding how I became an atheist - I didn't think much about it in childhood. As a young adult, I attended an evangelical church for a while. It is there that the pastor's preaching started to make me think. This guy was asking questions from the pulpit and providing allegedly "Bible-based" answers. I asked myself the same questions but I came up with my own answers. That is how I became an atheist.

My other interests include cycling, geology and philosophy.

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Welcome to The Nexus. This place is a fabulous, Theist-Free 'Safe Zone' for folks like us to hang out, draw pictures of Muhammad, critique the bible, laugh, bitch, grieve, seek mutual support ... all without the hassle of proselytizers throughout our posts and discussions.

Lots of cool specialty groups here. Including Autism/Asperger's Atheists.

Again, Welcome!
That's great!




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