It was awesome. Just saying.

Anyone see it?

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I saw it too. Amazing movie. I normally get disappointed when I see movies nowadays, but this movie exceeded the hype for me. It was incredible.
Oh and yea I saw the 3d version too. 'Holy smokes' lol
Saw it in the 'IMAX' version, it was a beautiful experience. I'll be glad when 3d filming "grows up" a bit. At times the effect is too much and intrudes to the point it interferes with the immersive quality of the film.

The story line was far from original and the 'confession' scene was so badly dialog-ed it made me wince.

The biology was my favorite part. It was a little disappointing that the forelimb arrangement did not extend to the Na'vi.
The best 3D so far I have seen is UP. A movie worth watching with no 3D that, nevertheless, used it to good effect and avoided 'paddle ball syndrome'.
I'll say this...I'm not a big fan of CG (or even science fiction movies in general) but I have seen Avatar twice (in 3D) and I forgot I was watching a cartoon instantly. Those fricken blue things seemed so real...I felt very awkward constantly checking out that chicks wardrobe for a nipple slip. That was a one hot blue chick.
Everyone is right...the story was tired and predictable, but the Avatar concept and effects were cool. This was a step above normal was almost impossible to see the "cartooney" effects you normally see with CG movies.
I didn't notice any poultry in the film.
UP was listed on Roger Ebert's list of the top 10 animated films for 2009. The montage where the older man's life was condensed into a few minutes was just beautiful.

It's been long enough that I've seen it that I forget that character's name.
I loved playing Streetfighter on my Nintendo, the action seemed smooth and quick, we played for hours and hours. Then Streetfighter 2 came out and we played it and it was even better. However, when we went to play good old Streetfighter again it was now completely spoiled for me. It was slow! It was clunky, it was unplayable. There was no going back. I feel the same way about Foxtel IQ, or Tivo, etc having shows you want to watch waiting for you, fast forwarding through all ads, these are my baseline now and going back to free to air is painful. I'm wondering how many modern 3D movies will it take before I'm expecting the depth and view a normal 2D movie as a flat and remote thing. People went to the first talking picture and came out saying "well it's a cute gimick but it probably wont catch on". I know many people who wont watch a black and white movie unless it's by Quentin Tarentino.

So, do we reckon that the full range of films, from romantic comedies to war dramas to Saw movies, will be produced in 3D in the near future or will it always be an action/kids genre novelty?
I've seen it last night at the IMAX theather, it blew my mind ! One of the most visually stunning movies I've evern seen. I've read reviews the story line was weak, but I thought it was phenomenal. It is definitely a must see !
Transformers 2 got me out of big budget films for awhile.... but after renting District 9, my faith is back! I hope to see it very soon.
Im hoping they make a District Ten. :)




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