Ok so, the other day we were at a birthday party for a friend of my 3 year daughter. The birthday girl's family are mostly Morman, but not very uptight. My mother was there and she is a devout christian in the most sappy sense of the description. She even makes other Christians roll their eyes with her God loving jibber jabber, texts, chain e-mails. None of them know that my husband and I are athiests. It would just be too devestating for our families. I have a lesbian cousin and no one in my family really talkes to her anymore because the intervention and therapy didn't "fix" her.

Well they started the prayer and I whispered to my daughter to close her eyes and be polite. Which she did thinking it was a game. My husband and I did the same. The birthday girl's grandfather said the prayer ... and it was long-winded. Before he finished my daughter shouts "It's time to wake up!!"

For a second there is complete silence. Then most everyone laughed. My husband and I laughed the hardest and they to serve the cake. Later my Mom said in the car that we need to pray with her more.

What worrys me is that I know what's coming, my family questioning why my daughter isn't learning about Christanity. I guess I'll deal with it when it happens and enjoy my family as much as I can now because when I have to tell them or when my daughter innocently says some telling remark we may not be able to stand being around eachother much.

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This is always something I worry about too. My parents knows we are atheists even though they don't love it but I don't know what my in-laws think, my wife or I have never spoke to them about it. Our daughter is five and very outgoing, I keep thinking she's going to ask questions when we are visiting and it would probably make for an awkward conversation. It hasn't happened yet but I know one day something will come out and I feel like we will be exposed. Not that I feel guilty but it's my wife's family and I don't want to "out" her to them, at the same time I won't sit idly by if someone starts to indoctrinate my child. I feel like the best thing to do is be honest but everybody needs to do it when they are ready. I guess sometimes having a child forces you to deal with things sooner than you might want to. Good luck to you!

LOL - time to wake up could be taken 2 ways! :)

That story is hilarious!  Wake up, indeed. ;-)  So cute, and from the mouths of babes!  I imagine you'll share that story with her when she gets older, and I imagine you and your husband will laugh just as loud. 


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