Pat Robertson gave some warm advice to viewer on how to comfort parents that have lost little children. Apparently, since God knows all, he calls them home early because they were going to grow up to be the next Hitler, Stalin or a serial murderer.

This story is from a HuffPo article with video.

But if you watch the video he says "In the Old Testament God is responsible for the bad, he is responsible for the good, he is responsible for everything." He goes on to say that with the New Testament we realize that, "human beings have a responsibility, and a lot of things happen because of what humans do. People die in hospitals because of medical malpractice".  Then he gives the preventative Hitler / Stalin / serial murderer platitude.

Do they even listen to themselves? How does this make logical sense to anybody?  Not to mention the obvious disgraceful behavior of telling somebody that has just lost a child that it's for the best because the kid was probably going to be one of the worst humans in history.

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That's the problem with living in an imaginary world, reality has no relevance in it, and answers to questions way beyond human reason are given with an air of other-worldly wisdom. I once heard a man, after finding a spirit level, declare that it was a divine reward because he'd given up smoking!, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, musing as to the final outcome of god's plan after the Asian tsunami, and George Bush and Tony Blair praying to god for guidance while fabricating evidence for weapons of mass destruction.

The second tier status of terrestrial life, held by anyone with theistic convictions, has to seriously compromise their ability to distinguish right from wrong, truth from falsehood, and an open-minded worldview to a fools paradise.

With so many academically qualified religious messengers choosing public life as their career, only a grassroots change in mind-set will put a stop to ghostly ideas floating around the halls of power

something wrong with his spirits level?

I think he was on the level but I don't think he was quite plumb.

If babies die to prevent the next Hitler, Then HOW Did We GET Hitler In The First Place?!?

Robertson?  You REALLY need to check your meds, dude!

That would mean that god is doing "good deeds" by killing all these babies, but it can't be the way Robberson sez. Hitler was a Catholic and thought he was doing the right thing by killing all the people that he did. Hitler had so many Christians and Jews killed, and killed early in many cases, to where he was sending them to heaven right and left. Hitler was doing god's work by killing good people and sending them to heaven. Imagine that. This is why Hitler is NOT in hell right now. He never will be in hell. All his good works have earned him a "get out of hell free" card.

Hitler and god are really good friends, so Robberson has to be wrong.

If babies die to prevent Hitlers, then why oppose abortion? Think of all the Hitlers, Stalins, Pol Pots, Mengeles, Henry Wirz (look up this monster), Jeffery Dahmers, and John Wayne Gacys this simple medical procedure could prevent. 


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