Baby mama doesn't see the drama in taking son to Sunday service!

Let's start here: my son is just shy of 2yrs old, and his mother is convinced religion is something she needs in her life and asked what I would think of our son attending with her... I've been an openly out atheist for years, and her and I have had conversations about this before, and I suspect she knew my opinion prior to her asking, but I gave her my opinion regardless. In very clear language I informed her I would disapprove, and find it to be a strange form of child abuse to breach his trust. Naturally she is maintaining her assertion that I can tell him all about atheism, so why can't she tell him about religion?

What she is failing to understand is that it has never been my intention to tell our son he is an atheist, that is something I want him to figure out on his own accord. I just want him to think for himself, but I'll be damned if I let a religion brainwash him and dictate a "truth" to him. Has anyone had any experiences like this? Any suggestions? As of now my thoughts lean toward teaching him about as many religions and beliefs as possible in the hope he will understand the need to form his own "truths". Any suggestions are welcome!

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Hi michael. i don't have a child but i think if ever in the future i decided to have one. I will teach him about science and stuff. answer his questions logically and never lie. and if he gives me the big question "is God exist?" well i would answer him. not directly answer the question but another questions that would make him think and I'll give him facts about religion and why they are non-believers. teach him about science. correct the misconception about the world. why is important to be good. without expecting any reward from anyone or having a fear of punishment. That's what i think i would say. teach him what you know but not forcing what you believe in. i wouldn't be bias i would teach him about different religion and why people believe on it  and how its feels good to believe on god. mostly my answer would be series of questions for him. It's helps to teach him how to think and not what to think. I will even let him attend church mass and interact with theist but not the aged of 2. I let him attend when he already knows how to think. I think it would help him learn more about the world if he interact with theist like how we learn and become atheist. be patient with your child learning. Whatever he become accept him. I know it's a pressure for a child to what to believe in especially when his parents has completely different belief. But i think your doing a good job. :) your child will grow up a better man because you are his guidance :) I hope you like my suggestions. That is just how i would do if i was in your situation but we always have different parenting style.

I appreciate it, Jada, thank you. To me he is way to young to be in church, but I can't control what she does with him while she has him. I can see it's going to be a source of contention for years to come, so being the good little rationalist I am I want to be prepared. You are absolutely right, science and critical thinking should be the key. ;) thx!

I think your intuition is correct in teaching him about all different sorts of religions. Also I know I've seen some pretty cool books about science and critical thinking for kids available through Skeptic magazine ( ) and it's never too early to get kids interested in books!


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