UBC astrophysicist shares $3M prize for 'baby picture' of universe

Gary Hinshaw honoured for work on WMAP satellite, which studied universe's age, composition

By Gemma Karstens-Smith, The Canadian Press Posted: Dec 04, 2017 8:07 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017 8:35 AM ET


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Interesting work. I ran on to a man yesterday who had his plans on how it all began and just what religion has to do with it. He told me I should have paid more attention to the book of Revelation. OK, what about all the other religions who have other ideas and do not use that book?

I'll take science. It is much less confusing.

Ditto, Michael.

I would add that claims require evidence, but someone else already added it.

Bert, a very xian man I know from my more activist years asked me to read Revelations.

He knows I’m an atheist but I respect his activism and didn’t ask if he sees it as a prelude to the end times as many xians do.

I made it through 1:8 and decided that Revelations and NASA press releases disguised as newspaper articles require evidence.

Soon after I joined the Naval Reserve in Florida, I heard the name Pensacola. Not knowing it was a Navy base, I thought it was a new cola drink.

Which of course reminds me:

After the Navy made me a civilian and I was in college studying physics, a reporter for Florida’s Tampa Tribune daily newspaper wrote a nice article explaining perpetual motion.


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