on one hand, the fact that a person like her has been elected to the US Congress (more than once, even) lends credence to her claim.  on the other hand, it would be nice to not have to save for retirement.  

seriously though, if we're counting on people like Michelle Bachman to understand why we need to raise the debt ceiling we may be in more trouble than we thought.  i imagine that a global economic crisis would support her (batshit crazy) thesis.  

Bachman is a Dominionist.  and she's not alone in Congress.  would it be a stretch for those true believers to deliberately crash the world economy to bring about Jesus' return?  i do not think that it is.  

i'm starting to get worried.  

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I also agree with you Larry.  I have much more faith in the younger generation because they are LESS religious.  The older, lunatic fringe will not go away quietly, but Rationality will eventually prevail.  

Relax, Mel.  :) 

I will stick to Mindy.  :)

There's "Me! Lin! Da!"  


I am 71 years old. I know I won't live long enough to see the whole issue become moot, yet I have no doubt that religion is in the way out. It has to be. I spend a lot of time with young people and find them mostly open minded. I raised two atheist kids and I'm sure their children will be raised with the same ideals.

Mindy--Don't feel selfish for bringing them into this world. That's a part of reproduction and is normal. Look at the alternative as to them NOT being in this world. It makes you very glad and happy that they are here.

Mindy, your family is fortunate to have you. 

Mindy, you haven't seen the "Mr. Hyde" side!  :-)  But thank you!  Mutual  admiration here.

Anyone who bothers to listen to that mindless twit deserves what they get ... a headache!  If she has any kind of attention coming, it should be in the form of mockery and derision, for that is all she has earned.

Pat and Carl hit it right on the head with her. These nutjobs would deliberately wreck the economy and willingly let the nukes fly, just knowing deep down that they are "helping bring on the end times." This sort of thinking became very popular after Israel became a state and the fundies had something solid to build their idiocy on.

It's amazing how many of them claim we all have "free will" and yet they claim everything is already decided according to the Buybull! Apparently your "free will" is only to decide if you are on the side of Jebus or not. It's like a big soccer game.

Like the girl at the gas station a few months ago asked me "how do you think this is all going to play out?" She meant the "end times." I used to believe it as well, but today I think they are all NUTS!

what she had an orgasm!?!?

Republicans have painted themselves into a corner. The leadership has promised a complete and total rout of Obamacare that would finish the President as an effective leader. They knew they could not deliver this, but the rank and file have accepted it and will not take anything less now. There are many Republicans who think that breaching the debt ceiling would not cause any problems, most if not all the experts think otherwise.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Retail Federation have both pressured House Republicans to end the shutdown and avoid breaching the debt limit. These organizations are conservative and usually take the GOP side in any dispute, but this time is different. They are extremely worried about the effect on the economy, getting hit just before the Christmas shopping season.

Breaching the debt ceiling will not cause an immediate default on debt obligations and if the President is willing to break the law, the damage could be held off for two weeks, but there are huge payments—Social Security, etc.— due on November 1 and a large interest payment due on November 15. Without a higher debt ceiling, there is no way they can be made.

As Virginia Woolf said, "In the midst of sentiment, down comes the sledgehammer of fact." It is going to hit the GOP pretty hard this time.

all true, doctor.  if i had to bet i'd wager that this gets resolved though. if you ask me, what's happening is an inevitable split of the tea party from the republican party.  they simply have far too different interests.  Boehner is buying time, hoping he can hang on to them through the midterms.  




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