on one hand, the fact that a person like her has been elected to the US Congress (more than once, even) lends credence to her claim.  on the other hand, it would be nice to not have to save for retirement.  

seriously though, if we're counting on people like Michelle Bachman to understand why we need to raise the debt ceiling we may be in more trouble than we thought.  i imagine that a global economic crisis would support her (batshit crazy) thesis.  

Bachman is a Dominionist.  and she's not alone in Congress.  would it be a stretch for those true believers to deliberately crash the world economy to bring about Jesus' return?  i do not think that it is.  

i'm starting to get worried.  

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Oh, not only crash the world economy, but bring about the much desired "end times." Dominionist Christians, extremist Muslims, right wing Jews, are all working off the same page of the same play book. Ecomonies? Small potatoes. How about the end of civilization as we know it!

Those people are all pathetic human beings, irresponsible, narcissistic, and not very bright.  If that's the best our species can do in the leadership department, maybe we deserve what we are going to get....


Please don't lump me in with the uneducated and mindless masses.  I don't deserve what these nut-cases are dishing out.  I'm not responsible for their actions. 

These are the same people who see nuclear war as a silver lining.  A glorious beginning to a heavenly life and an escape from a wretched physical existence.  A wonderful time to float up to heaven to live happily forever.  

These people scare me. 

Me too.  What evil clowns.

Bachman is an especially evil clown.  What a sad waste of votes.

It's a stretch for me to believe people like Bachman and other hard core, right wings, were even elected to office. That's what major politicial money will buy you.  Have some spare money and want to own a state.  No problem. We should be very afraid.  The supreme court is back in session and will be voting on whether the amount of money donated to political parties can become unlimitied.  We should all be very afraid.

It worries me too.

awww, Mel, don't be so down.  i'm worried too, but normally these things get solved.  granted, these aren't normal times, but we can find solace in the fact that much of the world is moving on from, well, whatever this is.  we're the mightiest country on Earth largely b/c of size and population.  yes, Democracy too, but much of the world caught on to that concept long ago.  it doesn't mean we're the smartest crew on the planet.  Bachmann is a prime example.  but i think we'll figure it out eventually.  


Optimist Matt

Like I have posted on AN before, these people are nuts with an agenda. They are being backed into a corner and will not go "quietly into the night." They scare the crap out of me! However Mel, I do think your kids and mine will be much smarter and eventually put an end to this insanity once and for all. I have faith (every pun intended!) in the younger generation.

Larry, i agree w/ your synopsis.  let's hope we survive long enough. 

Mel, someone else here called you Mel :)

By what name should you be called? I apologize for any offense.




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