Does anyone besides me backslide into church for dinner and a show? I am a longtime musician and only recently quit performing in public. I occassionally slip into the church when certain performers are in town like Kirk Franklin, The Wynans, etc. The point is that I see no reason to deprive myself of enjoyable music and certainly a show. There will be a show even if it isn't planned. I look past the words, but there are some serious voices and as I said there WILL be a show! You ever backslide in for dinner and a show?

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Nope, but I was Methodist.  The music was not the great and the food was mainly dairy laden and I am lactose intolerant.  If I ever find the need to be bored out of my mind and count ceiling tiles, then I'll be back in a New York minute.  So far, I've been able to satisfy all my boredom needs without church.
no interest, it would remind me of "slipping into a nazi gulag" to see a show.  Yes, I see churches as centers for the indoctrination of others.  I dont care what's going on in there, the whole building, the signs, the use of whatever means to get people in there including hiring great musicians simply disgusts me to the extent that I would avoid going into a church at almost all costs.
I hear you both. I went to Catholic School and that is a place I wouldn't head to although, I went several jazz masses in LA and here in Dallas, Ft Worth stalwart Kirk Franklin is a favorite. I saw Aretha at her father's church when he was still alive. Dynomite! Asides from those instances, I can overcome my natural allergies. Okay, hypocrite that I am, I have dropped around for business. That's even worse--for money! Nevertheless, as a musician I will not deprive myself of music I enjoy. Of course, no one there knows me and what I believe and I don't announce it. I may be stupid but I ain't crazy!
I go to churches all the time, mostly to check the architecture and think, "Hundreds or thousands of working people gave far too much money to a greedy and evil organization to build this edifice to further convince those working folks that they were getting something out of all this.  How much better the money might have been spent."
There's not much there I'm interested in except music. However, I confess that I was a fan of old fashioned High Mass! Now this is Grand Opera. Back when they had gold brocade vestments, incense like an opium den and Gregorian chant. A performance art for sure. Of course, even then I knew there was no meat on the bone, but as entertainment and performance art it was film worthy, but I hear they don't do that any more except maybe at the Vatican. Photo Op! Relics, but if you've never seen it--fascinating. You awakened some memories. As a child I was fortunate to travel. Notre Dame and Vatican City are architechtural treasures especially when studying how they were built. Of course, brings right back to where we started. Ridiculous cost for places that sit empty except for tourists. In Dallas, there are seven mega-churches within a seven mile radius in one of the most depressed areas of town. SEVEN! I haven't been but to one and Jonathan Butler and Kirk Whalum were there. Great show!

Church yes, but I don't consider it a backslide.  There is a local Catholic church here in Sn Diego north county built for interesting neo classic architecture, and outstanding acoustics.  There is not even a P.A. system!  I enjoy concerts by the Young People's Symphony Orchestra there. 

   Church yes, but it's just a building.

U R right! I have numerous churched friends and they run from anything atheist like they will be infected with AIDS. On the other hand, nothing much bothers me. I read plenty of religious tomes if for no other reason than to be prepared for debates. About the only thing that bothers me is the "God is great" session. There's only so much subservience and bullshit I can stand without becoming a poor imitation of George Carlin.

I echo a previous poster, I wouldn't consider what's described as 'backsliding'. That would involve actually reconsidering the validity of the doctrine offered.

I currently go to church as much as I did for most of my adult Christian life i.e Easter, weddings, baptisms and funerals. I sometimes might wander in an open church if I like the architecture.

Ah, the Big Four or is that the Final Four? I avoid funerals like the plague and I am currently planning a way not to attend mine. Easter--don't do it. Weddings--I always have an excuse. Still do Xmas once in a while--it depends whose on stage. I like the way you said that. That's part of the group that timid writers refer to as "The Unchurched." Sounds like a monster movie doesn't it?


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