I am working on a video for YouTube that will focus on bad atheist arguments. There are often Bad arguments that we often make such as "God hates Figs".  The story of the fig tree represents the Falling of the temple and is meant to show that the temple cult will no longer be necessary. It may be fun to take this passage literally but it is thus taken out of context.

 Another is stating that Jesus told his disciples to bring non-believers to him and put them to the sword. This passage is in a parable where Jesus is speaking the words of the King in the story. Again it may be fun to make fun of this story but it is out of context and a bad argument.

  Please let me know of other bad arguments we make concerning scripture or otherwise! You thoughts may be worked into my video!

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I will be interested in seeing what you finally come up with. Recently I saw you on You Tube just getting started.




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