As an atheist I'm very weary of watching tv shows of any kind if they have a strong religious message. I'm wanting to check out Band of Brothers, but have no information if it leans one way or the other. Maybe it stays neutral. As an atheist is it a great show to check out?

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I saw the whole series of The Pacific done by the same people.  If it's anything like The Pacific, I'd highly recommend it.  Not because it comes from a non religious stance, but for what such a shitty thing war is, and why we need to not participate in it as a society unless absolutely necessary.  If you want some nonfiction war stuff, I'd highly recommend Restrepo as well.

Why do you need to avoid shows with religion in it? It seems to me that if you feel the need to shelter yourself from religious messages that you arent going to interact with the wider world much.


I say go out an encounter religion where ever it is and treat it as part of the fictional make believe of the rest of the story.




I do, but not to the extent where it may ruin the whole show at some point. There is an anxious feeling within me that doesn't want to dedicate a long amount of viewing time to have it come to a religious peak. I guess "LOST" did that to me. The over the top pseudo religious ending had me fuming and feel like I wasted so much time to it. Also, want to thank everyone that chimed in, I really want to check the show out now. I appreciate it, again... 'thanks'!

I think I've seen this three times and don't remember any religious references at all.  Just, as one other commenter mentioned, a church that was turned into a hospital.  It's an amazing series.  If you can, also be sure to watch the final disk, where they interview the actual veterans and show how they filmed some of the scenes.  In particular, the scene at Bastogne.
It is a good series - I actually have the DVD set.

Band of Brothers is great.  Watch it, buy it. It's worth it. It's based on the Stephen Ambrose book of the same name. (Also awesome!) 

One of the best series I have had the pleasure to watch is most defiantly..."Game of Thrones"

It has low religious content...but when it does crop up is is a devastating indictment of present day Xianity.

But I am not enthralled by that aspect alone...the political intrigue is the hook absolutely spellbinding.

And the sets costumes and acting is faultless.

I think its incredibly accurate to what really happened, to the best of everyones ability.
Do scared men who think they are about to die pray and cry? Certainly some, but this is HISTORICAL, so to not show that would be dishonest, and to to tell you the truth, not to include it would be revisionist.




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