Anyone else see an issue with the banner ad at the top of this screenshot (attached)

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Those banners are old news, part of an automated campaign which is likely part and parcel of the NING engine on which this website is based ... and LOTS of people have commented about them over the years.

Suggestion: if you don't like 'em, get yourself a copy of Firefox and Ad Block Plus ... and say bye-bye to dumb-ass ads.

I don't typically look at banner ads, but was just thinking between that one and the Mormon one up there as I type this now, it could make new people a bit circumspect about the entire site, and I'd hate something like this to chase off potential good new members.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. There is no money in Atheism. If the guv'nor wants to chase big bucks he will need to convert to Christianity. Then people will just give him money and he won't have to pay any tax.

In the meantime he must scrape a living for himself and his family by selling space to junk advertisers and the lot.

It's a hard life.

Loren, I have Ad Block Plus. How do I activate it for unwanted banners? There is no banner on Patrick's discussion, so perhaps it was blocked. Here is their stats for this

"I blocked 14,660 ads and trackers thanks to Adblock Plus. via @AdblockPlus"

If you're not seeing banners, then, as the phrase goes, "It's WORKING!"  The banner he's referring to is usually found at the top of just about every A|N page.  The content will vary, though they're mostly religious ads.  On a RARE occasion, I have seen atheist ads up there which were sourced by A|N and therefore not blocked, but that is very much the exception and not the rule.

If you want to prove to yourself that Ad Block Plus is working and you're using a PC, kick off Internet Explorer and paste the address of an A|N page into it.  I'll bet you a cuppa coffee that the banner will be back.

Loren, I know you're right but I would make that bet with you anyway just to have the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a cuppa coffee with you.

I also use Firefox with Adblock Plus... and simply smile at the idea that Mormons, a Christian dating service, and possibly other religious groups are supporting Atheist Nexus!

With ABP you can allow ads on particular sites or pages, but most of the time I find animated ads annoying and distracting.

(As I'm typing this, I'm noticing A|N's own ads directly to the right, which aren't blocked, including the Society for Humanistic Judaism still advertising Secular Rosh Hashanah Services... not quite the right time of year anymore, but I won't complain about SHJ getting the word out that it's possible to be Jewish without the superstitions. That includes the folk superstitions Alan Perlman wrote about, as well as the institutionalized ones.)

Way to funny!




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