I thought you all might like to see theses great ads.




*Background* This is from a tv show on Australian ABC (read: government) TV called the Gruen Transfer. It discusses aspects of the advertising industry. Part of the show each week is to invite to agencies to produce ads for an "unsellable" product. This week it is banning all religion


I think both of them are excellent but lean towards the first.


Like to hear what you all think

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Those were both awesome. Should be AA's next great campaign!
Excellent stuff.  Would that American television networks would have the cojones to air them!
Both were excellent, but I'd vote for the first one.  I liked the idea of linking religion to all the rejected bad ideas throughout history.  And the line, "Let's Make Religion History" is catchy.

Excellent! Thanks for posting. I'm going with the 2nd one.


Everyone be well-

That was awesome.  I can't vote because I think they were both very good.  Like the one girl said, the tone of the second one was probably more persuasive.  I do like "Let's make religion history."  Nice play on words.

This is a great topic and link.  Thanks for posting it!


I found it interesting that "no one had a problem with a campaign for euthanizing everyone over 80" but giving up religion was to controversial.  What weird priorities.


I like them both very much.  Choosing is like deciding which of your children you like more.

I agree. Although to be honest despite being a reasonably popular show none of these issue ads stir up controversy.


It wasnt until you made that comment that I realised that though. It  gives me a litttle bit of pride in my country that this is the case. Unfortunatley the seeds of groups like the tea party etc are starting to take root here as well.


Hopefully we can continue to have these discussions objectively.



Fantastic!  I liked them both a lot each for different audiences.  The first one for kids and younger folks, the 2nd for older fence riders.


But wait a minute regarding the 2nd one, isn't cricket a religion?






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