Donald Trump and Steve Bannon have turned the White House against A...

Bill McKibben rightly describes the Bannon/Trump administration in horror imagery. [It's the Bannon/Trump regime because Trump is Bannon's "blunt instrument". I'll be using that myself.]

What’s coming from the Oval Office … is unprecedented. It’s less the White House than the Black Tower, sending out its Breitbartian orcs and alt-right winged harpies to poison the politics of a nation. [emphasis mine]

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… the Bannon/Trump administration … has audaciously targeted the main pillars of a civilized nation in a way we’ve rarely seen before... And these are the battles we dare not lose.

… Bannon and Trump are counting on a real-life Bowling Green massacre to tilt things their way. And in any event, morality is the not the only pillar they’re after. Next on the list is reason: the attack on climate science is, in fact, an attack on science itself, on the enterprise that undergirds modernity.

Bannon and Trump hate reason precisely because it places limits on their actions – even Nietzchean supermen have to bow to physics. “I alone can fix it” is Trump’s narcissistic motto – but since he can’t fix the heat-trapping properties of certain gases, they must be denied.

Prepare for attacks as well on tradition and on common sense, since these too are bulwarks against the kind of personality cult that tempts Trump and Bannon.

You’ve already seen the first sorties: since the separation of powers is the longest-standing of American ideas, the tweeted hostility to a “so-called judge” crosses a line only Richard Nixon ever flirted with. 

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We are so fucked.

To fix anything they would have to set it up, and the setup that is being attempted is apparently noticed by most of us. Now the Orange One has said that he regrets hiring Sean Spicer. Before long he might regret signing papers randomly that have just been placed in front of him. If this pattern continues I suggest that we write President Bannon and find out what is going on. The Black Tower doesn't run so good.

...signing papers randomly that have just been placed in front of him...

An extreme version of the unelected corporate government we've had for quite some time, with members of Congress voting for, and even introducing, bills they haven't read, bills prepared by lobbyists.


Pardon my ignorance but what is The Black Tower?

It's allegory. The reference here in Ruth's post with the picture in it. Read what she has underlined in yellow. Many years ago the Tower of London was a fortress for the monarchy and also a prison. Trump's white house is called a black tower here. Also the Black Tower was a novel and a 1985 mini-series. The Trumpian things going on must have come out of such a tower.

So the White House is now The Black it....

B.T.W........ will the new Black Tower have a torture chamber in the basement?

"Trump has stated, "I would bring back waterboarding, and I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding... Don’t tell me it doesn’t work—torture works... if it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway, for what they’re doing to us."[322]"    Wiki

Good point, Thomas. I cringe to imagine what "a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding" includes.

Trump is a real villain. He even forces his own family and children to participate in his crimes and become criminals like him.

But Bannon's the brains of the outfit and the architect of the horror to come.

I totally agree, Bertold.

Bannon may be as amoral as any sociopath I can imagine.

I've seen and heard enough about him to conclude that; I've seen or heard nothing from him.

He's smart; he's leaving fame to those who need it. Think Trump.

Most of the rest of humankind, but for the Japanese and perhaps the people of a few other nations, are unthinkingly increasing the earth's population from 7.4 billion toward eight billion.

Decreasing the population is one effect of what the Republicans are allowing. Enriching themselves is another effect.

Call their means immoral if you wish. Are their ends irrational?




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