So I guess like a lot of former Christians, I got baptized. In my case I was just a weeks old and I guess like that I was a Lutheran. I don't really care that it was "against my will." It was just my parents following custom as opposed to indoctrinating me, and as there is no God, it didn't really "do" anything to me. I'm just wondering what sort of benefits was I supposidly getting? I know doctrinally Catholics have to be baptism to get into heaven, but I don't think Lutherans are casting as many people into Hell. I guess what I'm asking, what's the point of Lutherans getting Baptized? Sorry for rambling.

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I don't know anything about Lutherans, but my understanding is that baptizing has to do with washing away the original sin that all of us have thanks to Adam and Eve. Are Lutherans into the whole original sin thing?
Like all ceremonies that are linked with religion, it serves absolutely no purpose.  Basically, it was done to "welcome you to the [church] family" so to speak.




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