well, who knows?  i'm sure there are plenty of Believers who are against religion in politics.  still, she seems to have quite the opinion on the subject.  i'm especially surprised to hear her objecting to Presidents swearing "so help me God".  

what do you think?

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I never heard of Barbara Walters.

I liked Pres. Obamas speech today. He did say 'god' at the end but it seemed just conventional to me and the speech was otherwise secular in expression.

he does the "god bless america" thingy all the time.  

So it's something to say with your good-byes like ''see you 'round like a rissole'' and doesn't really mean anything ? In Pres. Obamas case, I think so.

yes, although in America we don't know what a rissole is :)  

some atheists, myself included, think that he is secretly one of us.  he has to say that stuff though. a thick hamburger meat patty. It's round and made of meat.

i know french food is supposed to be awesome, but for some reason that sounds kinda gross.  lol.  

How does that look ?

pretty fucking good! send me some? hahaha

They're Australian too.. though through one of my kids mispronunciation when little they are known as arseholes in my house.


I remember thinking Obama was likely an atheist.  Right now, I can't remember why I thought that.

I am NOT hopeful that an open atheist could be elected president in even my great grandchildren's time, not that I have any yet or even grandchildren.  ; (


This kinda means that a free thinker would have to lie and dodge the truth to serve his/her country in political office.  Sad..


Are there open atheists in Congress?

"Are there open atheists in Congress?"


no.  Pete Stark was the only one that was out but he lost reelection.  there is one agnostic i think who just got elected in '12.  




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