Normally I wouldn't have thought too much about this issue but it's gone wild since transgender and LGBT rights issues are creating neutral gender and all gender bathrooms. Many legislators are telling us that this is wrong, and they inform us of what god wants. Oh, here we go again.

   I've seen online videos where a man follows a woman into the woman's restroom because he thought the woman was a man. She looked like a man and dressed like a man, but assured the guy she was a woman. I suppose the line of thinking here is that men are sneaking into the john to rape or attack women, and they are doing it dressed as women. OK. Couldn't they have done that anyway even before these new bathroom laws were passed? Of course they could have. The hysteria only came with the new laws.

   Then we have that curious man who followed her inside. Maybe he's going to attack and rape her and use all of this as an excuse. You never know. Why is the issue so important just now?

   Target and other places now have such bathrooms and some have said they will never use them or even go back to Target again because they saw a man going inside. What about their precious daughter? She's very young and maybe that man is going to molest her or rape her. OK. That's when you take your own daughter inside the bathroom and you can now do so whether you are the father or the mother. Why would you just cower outside and be afraid?

   In 1965 I was in Nurnberg, Germany and the public restrooms had a female attendant inside them that kept the place clean for you. She was paid in tips that you gave her, and as far as I know none of the attendants were raped.

   I find it strange that we have hysteria now over a situation that in theory could have always existed, but today is fueled by recent laws.

   Any comments?

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Oh, HELL YEAH!  Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck?  I just discovered him myself (with thanks as well to Seth Andrews), and he is off-the-chain hilarious, on top of being utterly on the nose with his commentary.  In a lot of ways, he's what we've needed for a while: an out, southern redneck atheist!  OUTSTANDING!

A friend of mine has it all figured out now. He thinks there should be 3 bathrooms - male, female, and them. I had to explain that he's falling for the religious interpretation of all this. Religious people do not believe that anyone is transgendered and they think that being gay is a choice. It makes sense then to think that it's all out of hand today to where they want a bathroom, and that's what this is all about.

I had to point out that many of us have known a male who never uses the urinal. He always goes in a stall and sits. Maybe he was transgendered and never told us. The facts are that transgendered people are all around us and they have been going to the bathroom with us for years. We were just too dumb to know that. My take on it all is that a unisex bathroom would work just fine. It works in Europe.

My friend still believes that somehow I am wrong. Oh, my God! Let's protect the little kiddies! What a wasted way of thinking. Just go into the bathroom with them. Chances are you would be doing that anyway.




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