I have heard this from people who have children. I am too nice to say what's on my mind, but it is this: "If you don't like having children, then WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE THEM?? Isn't this something you should have thought about before getting pregnant?" I just don't understand this mentality.


Okay, maybe the first kid was a mistake. Mistakes happen, and for whatever reasons, abortion or putting the baby up for adoption are not options. But why would they then go on to have MORE children?? Surely, the first child was enough to convince them that having kids was a stupid idea. What did they hope to accomplish by having yet another child that they didn't really want? Is it just that some women are miserable and looking for fulfillment from some outside source? A sort of "THIS baby will love me and make me happy" kind of thought process? I really don't get it.


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I don't get it either.

Having one kid instead of none is the biggest difference. (That's why I really don't get the argument that I should have "just one baby"--right, that's such a minor change in my life I'll hardly notice!!) After that, two instead of one probably doesn't seem like such a stretch. They will fight, but a kid could also leave the parent alone if there's another kid, maybe?


There are some people though who put almost no thought into having kids, they just end up pregnant and go with it like it's no big deal, or have a mentality that they have no control over it.

I think it really is just something you are supposed to do, and they don't ever think that, just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean they have to.
That's great! I especially love the "playground in the sky" part!
They need to update that. It recently ticked over to 7 billion!



Spay and neuter your kids, IF you have them?

I haven't known anyone who got too much of an enjoyable free ride...it's a small amount of money for a lot of annoyance...and it is work!
I lived in an apartment building like that too. I was 24. I met another girl my age who said they can tell you're not a "local" if you're that age and don't have kids.
I think taxpayers should have a say in who gets our money and who does not. And frankly, if parents really do need the money to help their family survive, then they should be perfectly willing to get their tubes tied (male AND female) so that they don't keep having more children that WE have to pay for. I would be willing to have my tax money pay for the surgery, as the long-term benefits would be far greater than paying for one baby after another that nobody really wants.

The Freedom From Relligion Foundation has tried to bring taxpayer suits against the president, et al, to stop them from pouring taxpayer money into "faith based" grants to do who-knows-what with it.  The cases keep getting thrown out of court, not on their merits, but the judges claim the plaintiffs "lack standing." Whatever that is.

If taxpayers can't "petition the government for a redress of grievances," who the *bleep!* can?  (I think this kind of thing went on during the Vietnam war when people objected to paying a portion of their taxes to pay for the war.  They were thrown out without a hearing, too.

I feel sorry for those kids.  They didn't choose their parents.  I have often wondered why people who don't like kids have them too.  Condoms are free at the health department.  Every child deserves to come into a home where they are wanted and loved.




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