I have heard this from people who have children. I am too nice to say what's on my mind, but it is this: "If you don't like having children, then WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE THEM?? Isn't this something you should have thought about before getting pregnant?" I just don't understand this mentality.


Okay, maybe the first kid was a mistake. Mistakes happen, and for whatever reasons, abortion or putting the baby up for adoption are not options. But why would they then go on to have MORE children?? Surely, the first child was enough to convince them that having kids was a stupid idea. What did they hope to accomplish by having yet another child that they didn't really want? Is it just that some women are miserable and looking for fulfillment from some outside source? A sort of "THIS baby will love me and make me happy" kind of thought process? I really don't get it.


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My sibling is 20 years older than yours, but they are spiritual sisters.  I feel so sorry for my niece and nephew.  I worry for them everyday and wonder when CPS will show up with them at my door.

Yeah, that's precisely why my mom and I are working so hard to convince her that it's a reaally really bad idea to get a cat or have a baby right now--my sister can barely take care of herself, she didn't take care of Goob(inside cat) when she claimed him as hers--why would a baby be any different?


I remember having to play with Goob while she was on the phone and ignored him so he'd get some exercise in--I would clean his litterbox, feed him, pet him, show him attention and care--and he's a good cat, but she's taught him to attack hands and used to do mean things like trap him under baskets and sheets, then leave him there. Ugh. I'm slowly breaking him of the habit of attacking bare skin, and he has started sleeping on my bed at night.

Sounds like she can't even handle a dog, let alone another baby. My sibling treats the dogs better than the kids.  *shakes head*

I loathe people like that. My dad's step-mother used to make me sit on the floor of her house(at 16!) "because children are dirty" but the Pomeranian she had would drag it's butt on the couch.

She wanted to take Goob with her, but mom put her foot down--We can't trust my sister to take care of him or run out after him if he escapes from the house(he has a bad habit of dashing out of the house to 'explore')--on top of her previous horrible track record with caring for animals.

Oh yeah, he's also one of the cats who CANNOT STAND having anything on him. I'm slowly getting him used to having a cat harness on, in case we ever have to travel with him for long periods, or we need to put it on him for an emergency or something--he doesn't like it, but my sister would do stuff like buy dog sweaters and costumes and crap and put them on him just to see him get angry and frustrated--I'd always take them off him immediately. It's utterly cruel--the harness has a specific purpose, to keep him safe without having to keep him cooped up in a cat carrier, the sweaters and costumes are just cruel.

My sibling spent $500 on a stray cat who ran away the next day and dresses the kids from garage sales and thrifts. They are not broke!  They are part of the top 2%.  Plus, she seldom gives the kids a bath...  Yuck!  


You're sister sounds really mean and  abusive to her cat.  My cats are nudists and strictly indoors.  I can imagine how much that cat hates her.  Cats hate everything she does.

<mega-facepalm> How hard is it to run a bath and supervise? NOT VERY.


And yeah, she is. My mom said after my sister left "do you think Goob will miss her?" I said "She would trap him under the sheets whenever he wanted to be petted, she put him in paralytic costumes, and never fed him or cleaned his litterbox---I highly doubt he'll miss her." And sure enough, like 3 weeks later when she came home to get money from mom---he still slept on my bed, and he completely ignored her. Cats remember people who were shitty to them. Some friends had a cat once that liked to play fetch--whenever I came over to visit--fetch time! Because he knew I would play with him as long as he wanted.

She should keep her shoes on and hang her up things while she is there.  My cat retaliates by pooping on stuff.   He may be sort of dumb (even for a cat), but he never forgets anything.

People like her should take a parenting class to see what it's REALLY like to have a baby. You know, one where they have to carry around one of those dolls that cries at random times and they have to try and calm it. A baby is not a lapdog that will devote itself to you even if you neglect it; it's a human being with physical, educational, and emotional needs. But parents seem to think that their cute little baby will stay cute and little forever, and they can just tote the kid around like a tiny purse dog to show off to everyone.


What is your sister going to do when the baby keeps her awake for three days straight with colic, or gets sick with vomiting and diarrhea, or cries every couple of hours to be fed? What about when the child grows older and requires increasing amounts of attention, becomes rebellious from time to time, and generally doesn't behave like a loyal little dog anymore? I doubt she has put any thought into that at all. She should think about what SHE was like as a child, then ask herself if she wants to raise one just like that! X>}

This is sort of off-topic, but IMO people like that shouldn't even be allowed to have (or breed) pets. A tiny purse dog was probably born in a puppy mill, and is most likely to develop physical problems because the breeders don't give a damn about genetics, and inbreed the animals to get the smallest (or whatever characteristic they're trying for) dog possible.  If the buyer really cares for the pet, that means horrendous vet bills down the line, and in any case, a lot of suffering for the pet.  More than 50% of the dogs that end up in shelters are puppy mill products that the buyers find they just can't deal with, and don't have the brains (or patience) to look for a no-kill breed-specific rescue org. to take the dog off their hands.

Never, never, never buy a puppy from a pet store, unless you know for a fact that the puppy was placed there by a rescue organization.  (PS: "AKC Registered" doesn't mean Jack. If the papers are filled out properly, and the parent dogs are registered, the AKC doesn't care where or how the puppy was bred.)

I often wonder how many at-risk, or worse, juveniles were unwanted babies...or children of idiots who "wanted something to love them."  No.  One doesn't have a baby because they need something, or somebody, to give them love. The only reason to have children is a need to give love.  And teach.  And clean up messes. Forever.  Even when the offspring isn't very loveable.




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