It is a Drishtantoist principle. According to Drishtantoism, I want to give a brief on the principle. The principle urges man to be good ethically. To Shobuj Taposh, if a man becomes so, he will express honest courage for saving himself. In this way, if all men save themselves ethically, the world will be saved from all the problems: religion-based belligerency, terrorism and all kinds of conflict. To the philosophy, without paying heed to others, if men behave well only for saving themselves, the world must be peaceful. By the doctrine, He wants to say that one will be good not for God but for saving oneself, and if one love another like ones’, all must have peace. A man must love another for both his and others’ welfare. That is, one will work only for oneself and one’s peaceful homeland.

The principle is somewhat influenced by the moral philosophy of Immanuel Kant, a German rationalist philosopher. Kant said, ‘do duty for sake of duty’. His imperative is said totally unconditional. In this sense, Drishtantoism inspires man to do duty for peaceful world. The ethics of a man must be for peaceful world through saving himself. That is, on condition of saving himself and the world, a man will be good.

In the principle, God is not neglected but avoided. Here avoidance doesn’t mean opposing God but staying at a distance from the being. As God can never be proven, man has to be in the earth by the might of man-made philanthropic ethics. Shobuj Taposh acknowledges certainly that by opposing/neglecting traditional religion, it is not possible to have worldly peace. And again by giving importance to it, it is not possible to have worldly peace too.

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Please define "saving yourself".

Drishtantoism says for human unity. This unity depends on self-consciousness. Real and logical basement of DRISHTANTO (Example) can impulse man to have unity. Drishtantoists trust that DRISHTANTO gives man the sense of self-consciousness. If men become self-conscious, the sense of otherness will run away from their heart.  ‘We’ will be placed on ‘I’. Through self-consciousness, to have human unity is to have real meaning of human life.


In this principle, the significance of life has been focused. meaning of "Saving yourself" has somewhat been indicated.




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