I think I can answer a few of these questions without elucidation by Mr. Moore.  In the first place, question one, "This Man Jesus: Who Is He?" the answer is 0, since like all mortals, the legendary Jesus (probably a rabbi named Yeshua; Eng. transl. "Joshua") included, come from this big Zero. From nothing we came, for that is lack of consciousness, and to Nothing we shall return, with cessation of consciousness. Chance lets us all loose upon the world, thrown off Zero from the Universal Cosmic Giant Wheel of Fortune: our DNA (my "God").  That and that alone determine exactly who and what we are or will be.  Simply put, there is no historical evidence for anyone called Jesus Christ (and don't give me that Josephus bit, as that writer has been completely discredited).

The next talk is probably designed to sign you up for a tour of the Unholy Land, where the Rapture will start, a phenomenon that creepy religionists like Rev. John Hagee of Texas do all they can to set Jews and Arabs against each other because the Buy Bull tells us that the Second Coming will not begin until the Jews occupy the area.  Those who believe in such things are demonstrably deluded, but why twist the fate of the freethinker by working towards an end we really don't want and don't deserve.  If I may paraphrase another non-believer, Woody Allen, I don't their belief in a "Nucular" conflagration, I just don't want to be there when they bring it off. 

I am not going to bother addressing the other topics in this week-long visiting sermonizing except to say that the answer to the question, "Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?" is easy.  Yes, he did, because that was the only way Saul-Paul of Tarsus could convince centuries of dumb followers who also happen to believe in talking serpents, dinosaurs sharing the planet at the same time as homo sapiens, prophets causing planets to stand still and parting seas, and all the other physically impossible phenomena. Cafeteria Christians like Hagee gloss over the countless moral ambivalences of their scripture, such as the scene of Lot escaping Sodom (and thus the gays) only to impregnate his own daughters.  As everyone knows, it is perfectly consistent to condemn homosexuality and ratify almost universally abhorrent parent-child incest.  Why is the "good book" silent as to whether the children of Lot's union with his own daughters had any mental defects or physical abnormalities.  Heaven help us that we should blame God for those!  But that is the ultimate refutation of belief: a good, all-powerful God would not allow the children of this abhorrent act to be in any way abnormal.  And if he did, he would appear a capricious jackass and not worth belief.

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