well now, It seems praying at the beach saved a 12 year old kid after he drowned. Glad the kid is OK but praying had nothing to do with it. Why didn’t they jump into the sea and save the kid. If god was around he would have helped. Ignorance just kills me. Could it be that medical science kept the kid alive??

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well, I prayed for the poor fuckers who died in Joplin, Mo.  Isn't that how it works?  I mean, I prayed hard, like for maybe fifteen whole minutes, and it really bogged down my day.  I even got out my mat and pretended I was Muslim!  Five fucking times!  What do you want me to do?  I prayed that my Mom would be healed from a brain tumour, but nooooo!  God was busy that day, washing his pimpmobile, chatting up the waitresses at fucking Hooters.

I watched this being reported by Diane Sawyer last night and she used the word 'miracle' quite a bit.   I'm getting so tired of this sort of reporting, aren't you?  Relying on sentimentality instead of science in these 'feel good' news stories.

The age of the boy, the fact he was healthy, and the cold temperature of the water have more to do with his survival than any prayer vigil.  Give credit where credit is due, for pete's sake.  The boy was given the medical attention he needed to survive another day and the credit goes to the medical team and the fast medical response.  (The definition of prayer is: how to do nothing and still think you're helping.)

Exactly mojo5501. Keep praying while everyone else is busy actually saving the lives you pray for. Actually that is kind of miraculous. The fact that someone would help a person who is praying instead of smacking them upside their head.
And this little field trip to the beach makes you wonder if precautions were taken: warnings against dangerous riptides.  Even strong swimmers cannot keep from being swept out to sea and here we have a 12 year old kid probably unaware of the dangers.  I hope this little 'miracle' teaches the lesson that safety has to come first...the Bible is an unreliable safety manual!   It wouldn't even serve as a decent flotation device...ha.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my stomach hurts
They must have been reading the attached sign.
Funny sign...and it applies on so many levels!  Swim at your own risk.




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