I've been a part of Atheist Nexus since 2009.  I've been quiet and content to just read and lay-low.   I have no idea WHY as I'm not really the lay-low kinda gal.  Maybe I've just been too busy.  Yeah, that'll be it - too busy.  These days, I'm finding I need a place to vent my librul gawdlessness... 

So, about me: 

I started teaching science in 2009 in a small private school in Louisiana.  Teaching science in a small-town Louisiana Christian private school bit like juggling running chainsaws whilst swimming in piranha infested waters with half a dead cow strapped to your back.  The vast majority of the student body were Christian Fundamentalists - I couldn't touch on subjects that were "controversial": geology, archaeology, biology... So I taught physics - just because they're spoon-fed scientific fallacy at home doesn't mean that I can't slip a few morsels of critical thinking via a "safe science" like physics, right? 

Needless to say, that didn't work out.  Seems people get pissy when you compare religion to feminine hygiene (use what you need, just understand that nobody wants to hear about it) and now I am quite content just being the "underwater robot lady".  

Thanks to the wonders of modern science and quality private insurance I'm a cancer survivor.  I used to work in forensics (no, really - it's not that fascinating) and my beloved mother wears magic underwear and does secret handshakes in fancy buildings and keeps sending me missionaries.  Alas, it's not going so well for her.  

There, that's me introduced. Ta-daaa!

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