I thought this would be an interesting little forum game. Whether it will be more funny or depressing I can't say. I started thinking last night as I cleaned my room up for college, about my brother's suicide, and my devout Mormon mother in tears, asking why love was not enough. For  me the answer was painfully simple. Because there is no God.

So pushing away all the nasty sad bits, I came up with this idea. Here's how it works: Name one reason you know that there is no God.


Seedless watermelons- because there is no God.

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That does blow, Charles. My condolences.
My insurance company shouldn't be able to deny claims for anything that's "An Act of God"


because there is No God!!!!
Calories in chocolate, because there is no god.
Everything that tastes really good is fattening... because there is no god.
a fourteen year old impregnated by her father but she won't have an abortion because her religion tells her so..
Twilight... BTING.
When laying down the hand rests comfortably next to the genitals -- because there is no god.
Pedophiles. Especially ones of ‘the cloth’. If they truly believed their own rhetoric and/or dogma they would be terrified of going to Hell. There is no hell and there is no god.
Yes. People are born as sociopaths, and as pedophiles with an uncontrollable urge to molest kids. Because there is no god.
Bellybuttons - because there is no god
Herpes. Because there is no god.




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