I thought this would be an interesting little forum game. Whether it will be more funny or depressing I can't say. I started thinking last night as I cleaned my room up for college, about my brother's suicide, and my devout Mormon mother in tears, asking why love was not enough. For  me the answer was painfully simple. Because there is no God.

So pushing away all the nasty sad bits, I came up with this idea. Here's how it works: Name one reason you know that there is no God.


Seedless watermelons- because there is no God.

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Duct tape, because nothing in nature is that useful. Also, mosquitoes, hook worms, all forms of intestinal parasites and Rush Limbaugh. I haven't found the purpose for any of them yet.
Don't belittle parasites and pests. Without them, it's extremely unlikely a species as complex as ours would have evolved at all.
Okey.... I suppose pests like Rush Limbaugh have their place in the food chain.
Many females can only reach orgasm with the help of modern technology. Because there is no god.
Thank science for the "cure" for hysteria. XD
It's disturbing how many sources say that a lot of women go their entire lives without orgasm. No wonder we live in a world with the stereotype that men enjoy sex so much more!
Some women have a medical issue. Many have a lack of education, a shame about their own body, and incompetent men. D;
Yeast and bladder infections.
The Male Human Form.... because there is no god...
Yeast and bladder infections.

Fuck I hate those...proof alone that there is no god.
Most of the atoms in our bodies once existed inside a star - because there is no god.


There is no point to capitalize the letter "g" - because there is no god.
There is no point to capitalize the letter "g" - because there is no god.

But there's Godzilla.




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