I thought this would be an interesting little forum game. Whether it will be more funny or depressing I can't say. I started thinking last night as I cleaned my room up for college, about my brother's suicide, and my devout Mormon mother in tears, asking why love was not enough. For  me the answer was painfully simple. Because there is no God.

So pushing away all the nasty sad bits, I came up with this idea. Here's how it works: Name one reason you know that there is no God.


Seedless watermelons- because there is no God.

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Heh. I haven't been rickrolled in at least six hours!
You even warned it was a rickroll, and I still fell for it. D;
Why do people still bite the inside of their own mouth: Because there is no god.
My father, a lively, happy, healthy, loving man of merely 58 years, died of a sudden heart attack 2 weeks ago. His mother, a woman in extremely advanced stages of Parkinson's Disease with virtually no mobility, no short-term memory, cognitive ability that is slim to none at this point, and is now in full-time Hospice care "could live another two or three years" according to doctors: because there is no god.
We talk, eat, and breathe through the same hole ... Because there is no god.
A playground and a sewer in the same place. Because there is no god.

Intermission, and time for a joke:

A mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer and a civil engineer were arguing over what type of engineer god was.

The ME pointed to the body's intricate skeletal/muscular system and proudly stated that god must have been an ME.

The EE said that was ok but he felt that the brain and nervous system were of such incredible design and complexity that god had to be an EE.

The ME and the EE both looked at the Civil engineer who was smiling at their discussion. "I suppose you think god was a civil engineer" they said.

"Of course" replied the CE. "Who else would run a sewer system through a major recreational area"?
Testicles in a soft sac on the OUTSIDE of the body - because there is no god.
No ON/OFF spigot on them either - because there is no god.
Religion - because there is no god.
Love the acronym BTING. Sort of like a rim shot.
AIDS, cancer, death, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, meteors, hangovers, and Jersey Shore ... there is no god.
Jersey Shore deserves to be higher on that list.
My friend who will succumb to multiple sclerosis, despite all the prayer in the church, because there is no god




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