I thought this would be an interesting little forum game. Whether it will be more funny or depressing I can't say. I started thinking last night as I cleaned my room up for college, about my brother's suicide, and my devout Mormon mother in tears, asking why love was not enough. For  me the answer was painfully simple. Because there is no God.

So pushing away all the nasty sad bits, I came up with this idea. Here's how it works: Name one reason you know that there is no God.


Seedless watermelons- because there is no God.

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Prosthetics... BTING!
Welcome to the club, bro....
Children dying violent deaths.. because there is no god.
Parasites and cancer because there is no god.
According to modern evolutionary biology, parasite-host interaction may be one of the main cause for the evolution of complex organisms - and ultimately, humans. In a sense, parasites made you what you are. In fewer words: parasites are God.
Hemorrhoids: because there is no god.
Stubbing your toe or hitting your shin on a coffee table.... because there is no god!
Fragile toes on outer edge of kicking appendage... because there is no god.
Human head : Most exposed area of the body. Most vital part of the body. First to get hit by anything falling. - No god.
God : 100% missing link.
Hm... ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)...because there is no god.
eyeglasses: because there is no god




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