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If there were a god, I have to believe that Glenn Beck would have been struck by lightening today.
Glenn Beck reminds me of Jim Jones sometimes. Does anyone else ever think this?
But Glen Dreck would never drink the Kool-Aid. He would be laughing his ass off while high-tailing out of the compound clutching the money in his hot little mormon hands.
sigh, i wish on one point all countries were like Norway, we dont give a shit what religion you come from.

...unless you piss us off, bombs away
Seems to me the only reason why the 'Triumph of Ignorance' (which is an actual book title about beck) is happening to some people is due to the 'identity' crisis... meaning beck, dry drunk, like w, some crusty white guys identify w/that...
and has anybody had a look at Glen's new book, "The Overton Window"?
I saw this today (was out June 15th) but I don't go to the book store much anymore, so I'm a little behind.
Think of every bad moment in The Da Vinci Code (I'll wait while you count them up), remove any actual rhetorical skill, slap on a dash of paranoia, then scrap the whole thing and have a ghost writer pull up one of his old manuscripts, change a few names and bing! Instant best seller. (Insta-meme from book. "Don't tease the panther." Three guesses as to what the panther is {bonus points if you don't throw up in your mouth})


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