haven't been very active or made an intro.


Came to Atheism after seeing the movie Marjoe in 06.  Became quite the expert on both the film and the man.  The rabbit hole led to Dawkins, Hitch, Randi and more. This caused me to walk away from my superstitions.


If anyone has any questions about Marjoe Gortner I can probably answer them.

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I loved the film Marjoe!  It was definitely influential on my deconversion from Christianity as well.  I haven't met many people who have seen it - thanks for posting!
Sure I'll bite - who the hell is Marjoe?
Marjoe Gortner was a child evangelist turned adult evangelist who, like most of them, continued his ministry far longer than he continued believing.  He got sick of his life as a fraud and went round with a film crew for one final circuit, and what he filmed was a documentary that won the Academy Award for best documentary in 1972.  It's fascinating and compelling - he is at turns charming and vulnerable (and sometimes both at once).  You can watch it on Youtube or if you prefer to watch a licensed version, you can rent it from Netflix.
here is is on google vids.  approx 90 mins.
Great! Nice to have you here.
Steph, looking at your av, I was wondering if you knew the trivial fact that Marjoe stars in the only film in which Lynda Carter shows a bit of sidal boobity?

I saw Marjo too and it was great.

In 1966 I watch my good freind's Decon father, who prayer several times a day, leave my friends Mother with no income for the ministers wife.  They were cheating on their spouses for years before the shacked up.  Nothing like "good christians" to turn you to atheism, god bless em. :-)




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