Right off the top, let me say that I am no great beer expert.  I HAVE been drinking more suds lately and enjoying them, but I am nowhere near as well traveled in beer as I am in single-malt whisky.  That said, I wanted to start a discussion about beer, especially since I understand it to be an OLD tradition (started with the Egyptians, so I hear) and one which I do enjoy.

Among my favorites are:

  • Killian's Red
  • Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter
  • Great Lakes Christmas Ale
  • Corona Extra
  • Blue Moon (avec orange!)
  • Dos Equis Amber
  • The Taddy Porter
  • Kingfisher (of India - and great to wash down a hot curry with!)
  • Flying Horse (also Indian)
  • John Courage Director's Special Bitters
  • Guinness (on tap, please!)
  • And just about ANY Sam Adams brew ... EXCEPT the Boston Lager!

Don't ask me why about that last, other than it's a bit too hoppy for my taste.  I like their dark brews.  They have a Honey Porter which is lovely and (I think) an Oatmeal Stout which, while it's no match for Guinness, has its moments.

As to more pedestrian fare, make mine Bud or Coors (the ORIGINAL, NOT Coors Light!), please.  Either work GREAT in front of a baseball or football game, especially with a dog in hand.  I should mention that the brew which bears my surname I wouldn't hit a dead dog with!

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One beer I forgot to add to my list. From Montana. Moose Drool

Fun fact:  During Prohibition, Punxsutawney Phil threatened that, if he was not allowed to drink, there would be 60 weeks of winter.

Good on him!  Let's keep in mind who was, at least in part, behind Prohibition in the first place: The Women's CHRISTIAN Temperance Union!

Yes, from what I've seen and read, religious people were the prime factors that caused Prohibition.  And Prohibition caused a lot more trouble than it eliminated.

All you got to do is watch HBO's Boardwalk Empire to know that. Yeah, it's partly fictionalized, but there's enough of the real deal there to let you know what went down.

Almost forgot - Carte Blanche used to make a dark, but I haven't seen in in a long time, and for that matter, haven't seen Carte Blanche at all lately.  Tried Negro Modelo once, didn't care for it.

Can't help but notice I didn't mention any German beers, either.  Gad, what am I thinking!

  • Lowenbrau
  • Becks (light and dark)
  • Henninger Dark (if you can find it!)

There's also the matter of Grolsch (a wonderful dutch beer) and Chimay, from Belgium.  If I think of anything else, I'll follow up.

Won't get it here till the embargo is lifted. But there are two Cuban beers which are pretty good. Cristal and Bucanero. Cristal is the most popular, but for my taste, I'm going with Bucanero.

I never did like Natural Light. It's an AB/InBev product that doesn't cut it, and I do like Pilsener beer. Recently I discovered "Natty Light" in bottles instead of cans, so at $4.54 a 6 pack I tried it again. Not so bad in bottles.

My state finally has Victoria Mexican beer and it's pretty good. Strangely I'm starting to favor Wernesgruner all over again. It's a German pilsner that you can buy at Aldi's.

I found another new one in St. Louis. The imported Sarajevo beer. It tastes good and is inexpensive, and comes from Bosnia. Pale Euro lager made in Bosnia and Hertstagothere. (I mean Herzegovina.)

Don't anyone read this as a defense of xianity. It's an indictment; many xians use religion to medicate their unhappiness.

Most of us know that in the 1800s, the violence of drunken husbands motivated many prohibitionists.

Neither of my parents ever spoke of domestic violence in their families. When they married they both brought violence with them. My dad brought physical violence; my mom brought verbal violence.

I was a kid in the 1930s and my dad said, bragged really, that before Prohibition ended he and some of his friends made their own beer. I also knew that my mom's father and an uncle on her side of the family both liked beer. I knew too that my dad's mother liked beer.

One day before I was ten, I was at a family picnic and heard an aunt on her side of the family speak of domestic violence to several other women.

"If he ever hits me a first time," that aunt said, "there won't  be a second time."

As I grew up I never saw my dad with more than one can of beer. My mom occasionally asked him for a tablespoon-sized taste of his beer. He teased her, saying he would give her half of his can of beer. She refused.

They never solved problems with drink; they were good Germans and solved them with work.

When I was in the Navy, most of the crew had a party the night before we left for Korea. I had liberty and went to the party where I emptied six cans of beer. I never did find out who carried me back to the ship but that's where I woke up. I was hungover and we sailed into a storm.

If you have a choice, don't ever get both hungover and seasick. Not at the same time, anyway/

I still don't drink beer. I occasionally drink scotch but often make my own liqueurs.

I look at alcohol about the same as I look at any other drug. There are those among us who can handle it, know our limits, and can enjoy it. Just like marijuana. Then, there are those among us who simply can't. I'm kind of reminded of the politician (and I can't find the reference right now) who both praised and condemned it in the same speech. "If you're referring to the drink that gives fellowship and companionship, I'm in favor of it. If, however, you're referring to the beverage that leads to abuse, unemployment, and broken homes, I'm opposed to it."



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