Behold. wiredcom reports on the apparent overblown elaborate sets @ megachurches n' lurches

Megachurches Use Elaborate Sets and Easy Parking to Amplify God’s Voic_Well if 'crazy' was the aim.. yeah that freakn' mega church is crazy!!! @ insane. yikes.. ))))

had to go there right?~ as if regular news was not enough...
had to pull the double negative and make the bloddy news 'devine' megh~

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Wow, those are awesome!  I'm in the wrong business!  If not for the "god" aspect, I'd think they were pagan extravaganzas.

What you have here are all the bells and whistles which go with indoctrination in a technologically savvy 21st century mega-church.  Of course, such mega-preachers are going to use their considerable wealth to employ media and other techniques to overawe the sheep, make a more powerful impression, thereby further sinking the hook.  These are con-men playing their game, and I have no doubt but that it works ... at least on some.

The question becomes, how much longer can these grifters play a game WE know is busted before their pants wind up down around their collective ankles?




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