Turkey is a vassal of USA, i.e. semi-colony.


Turkey have a majority Muslim population.


Turkey history = 3 men (Ataturk 1923-1938 + Inonu 1938-1950 + Bayar 1950) 3 military coup d’etat (1960, 1971, 1980) + 3 liberal wave (Ozal 1983, Ciller 1993, Erdogan 2003).


In this equaiton me is a genius, unfortunately: 1 / 10,000th genius.


I have educated for 25 years. I have read more than 10,000 books. I have written more than 200 books (4 published).


I am a marginal and deviant.


I am left-handed, no vote used, no military service, no tax paying, no social security, no retirement, bla bla bla. And I am an atheist too.


I did not say to anyone that I am an atheist till last 5 years. Then I begun to write blogs (milliyet.com.tr/gelecekbilim and rehaulku.blogcu.com). I declared that I was an atheist. My people are not tolerant against to atheism. Atheists in Turkey are afraid of declaring their position. I met many bad situations after writing to be an atheist. I do not care. After a half century, I do not care anything. I may be murdered. I do not care. Erdogan, the prime minister and Gul president is not moderate, but fundamentalist, they lie. Their belief allow it (takiyye).


I have been an atheist since I have known myself, i.e. since my 3 years old. I have never entered into a mosque, a church, or any religious building.


So my story is about a struggle of a very alone brain.

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 I used to hear that Turky is a modern muslim nation, without any sort of extremism. Later on, I also read about the present regime that it is heavily inclined towards religion. I understand that the Turkish army is largely secular and that is what is holding back turkey from becoming a muslim extremist nation. I also understand that Turkey is anxious to join the EU. Your story therefore makes a sad reading. Every religion has practiced persecution against other religion and has been persecuted in turn. Now seems to be the time for atheists to be persecuted. Human beings behave as if they have still retained a piece of their old savagery. It's sad, it's sad, but we will have to keep fighting and fighting hard. The first thing atheists must learn is to unite together to fight against injustice to any atheist anywhere in the world. If you agree with me, you may put this point before this association of atheists. I will fully support you.

Thank you for your kindness.

Atheists in Turkey do nothing for protecting their rights. So you too, do not have to do anything. Every citizen is firstly responsible for her country. Then may be for others.

Of course including me, atheists imagine to unite globally. But there is a long time needed to do this. A lot of time.

Till that time, only thing to do is to write.

I write anyway.

I hope that Turkey will become more moderate again and encourage more free thought.  




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