Being atheist does not mean I obsess over religion

It seems whenever I check in on American atheist organizations' social media pages or atheist Facebook groups there is post after post centered on religion, whether it is about politics, religious fanatics or religious quotes on public property. I've always felt out of touch with this "obsession with religion" presented by atheist organizations because, having identified as atheist for over a decade, I've never obsessed over religion but rather just lived life.

A piece from my personal blog...

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Most of us don't. There are other topics to discuss, & its more pleasant to do it without being told we belong on our knees or in church.

I don't obsess either.

I obsess over politics.

I don’t like choosing between a party whose policies are dumb and a party whose policies are cruel, and both of which are corrupted by donors.

I must admit that I do. Now I don't know how exactly the term is being used here, but religion messed me up so much as a child that I am very concerned about anyone whom is trying to escape from it or even questions their religion. I want to be there to help so they do not suffer like i did. If compassion for others is obsessive than so be it.

Criticizing atheist groups as "obsess[ed] with religion" in your short post mischaracterizes their activism, and evades the real reason you disagree with such progressive partisanship: the conservative ideals you promote in your longer blog post.

Despite religious policies' impact on secular society, now more than ever in the U.S. under Republican government, and which even centrist Democrats under Clinton would have supported in lesser degree -- especially in "national security, foreign affairs, and education," for which you say in you feel "more commonality with the Republican Party" in "priorities of national security and rounded education" -- you have chosen, as a leader of Republican atheists, to support anti-secular government.

I will choose to support policies I agree with most and if that means working with theists then that is how it is. Being atheist doesn't mean to combat religion. I would be more lenient on US atheist organizations if they included atheist Republicans, or atheist conservatives in general, but they do not. They have created a political agenda for atheism.

Lauren, you are generalizing. You’re seeing only part of what’s here.

I agree with tom that it sounds as if you're generalizing. It's not my perception that atheist organizations created a political agenda for atheism. There's an inherent cognitive dissonance between what the contemporary Republican party stands for and a world view freed of religious memes. I also see a stark moral conflict between secular humanism (my flavor of atheism) and the so-called morality of the contemporary Republican party. 

Could you name one major Atheist organization that excludes republicans or conservatives?

Atheists tend to be humanist, humanist tend to be liberal. This is simply the nature of the movement. 

Secular Coalition for America, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Secular Student Alliance, Atheist Republic, Young Skeptics, Atheist Alliance for America, etc.

Lauren, take two of those—AUSCS and FFRF—from your list.

Membership organizations, they have for years accepted my dues and never asked my party affiliation or ideology.

Is your credibility worth so little to you?

They'll take your money of course, that doesn't mean they will communicate with an atheist group representing the political party you are registered with.




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