Being atheist does not mean I obsess over religion

It seems whenever I check in on American atheist organizations' social media pages or atheist Facebook groups there is post after post centered on religion, whether it is about politics, religious fanatics or religious quotes on public property. I've always felt out of touch with this "obsession with religion" presented by atheist organizations because, having identified as atheist for over a decade, I've never obsessed over religion but rather just lived life.

A piece from my personal blog...

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Thank you for the links. I hope I did not seem rude issuing the challenge. What I do see here is atheist having a very difficult time, and what does appear to be somewhat hostile attitude towards Conservative/Republican atheist that I was not aware of the extent of how much it appears here. I did not see where conservative/Republican atheist were specifically excluded from atheist organizations. I could see how they might feel unwelcome.   

I hope this is remedied with reason, and a good humanist out look. Thank you for drawing my attention to this. Cheers!

This reminds me of anti-choice groups, which claimed to be feminist, complaining of exclusion from the feminist DC Women’s March last year ( ).

And, for decades now, queer groups campaigning for inclusion in Catholicism.

A big tent can mean a big membership, but the community you create won’t be able to make change any more than you can, say, march after shooting yourself in the foot.

Well and wisely said, Josh.

Catholicism can be ignored; it cannot be reformed.

Pro-life groups should have been included in Women's March. Whether you agree or not, pro-life views have a place in feminism. Anywho, as I said in my article, being atheist does not mean I obsess over religion, hence it is understandable an atheist can work with theists if there is enough commonality. The same can be said for someone who is queer - just because someone is queer does not mean that queer rights is all he focuses on. Queer people have other interests as well, whether it's economics, business, national security, etc. It is important to view people as rounded individuals, not as boxed in one-sided people based on a label they use.

Were pro-life Women forbidden from the Women's March?

Should women with signs saying "I want to have a baby! " been at the women's march.

That would be a different topic wouldn't it?

Sarcasm fully intended.

Pro-life organizations were not permitted to partner with Women's March, yet Council on American Islamic Relations was.

Pro live orginizations weren't forbidden.

Council on American Islamic Relations were.

Why do you thunk that was?

Perhaps women want control over their thoughts without men controlling their bodies and some women who "Wanna babie."

Deep sarcasm.

Pro live orginizations weren't forbidden.

Were the council on American Islamic Relations forbidden?

Why do you thunk that was?

Perhaps women want control over their thoughts without men controlling their bodies and some women who "Wanna babie."


Pro-life group dropped. "The Women’s March on Washington released a statement Monday evening on Twitter and Facebook: 'The Women’s March platform is pro-choice and that has been our stance from day one.'" -

Official sponsor/partner list for Women's March. A few Council on American Islamic Relations groups are partners, as well as other Islamic groups. -

You claim you don't obsess over religion- yet your posts dwell over religious arguments.

Well it WAS a woman's rights march.  There is nothing about being "pro-life" that is consistent with woman's rights




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