Being atheist does not mean I obsess over religion

It seems whenever I check in on American atheist organizations' social media pages or atheist Facebook groups there is post after post centered on religion, whether it is about politics, religious fanatics or religious quotes on public property. I've always felt out of touch with this "obsession with religion" presented by atheist organizations because, having identified as atheist for over a decade, I've never obsessed over religion but rather just lived life.

A piece from my personal blog...

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There's nothing about Republicans that's consistent with women's rights.

You're not a woman Bertold. How do you know :P

There once was such a time, Bert et al.

From 1923 when the Repubs introduced the Equal Rights (for women) Amendment in the US Congress and until the 1970s, the Repubs supported it and the pro-KKK Dems opposed it.

In the mid-1970s, the two parties changed their positions 180 degrees.

I don’t know a reason for the change, except in the late 1950s the far-far-right John Birch Society and the GOP’s western conservatives called then-President Eisenhower a communist and started expelling moderate eastern Repubs. 

So in other words possessing a y chromosome prevents one from understanding women's rights. Stunning logic worthy of the worst sort of fundamentalist religionist

Amend that post slightly.

The Dems stopped being pro-KKK when Franklin Roosevelt was president, I think in his third term during WW2 when black leaders demanded work in the war industries. Soon after WW2 Harry Truman racially desegregated the military.

In 1951-52 when I was in the Navy I first met and talked with negroes. I was an electrician and in the engineering dept we called ourselves the black gang. Deck apes called us snipes.

Lauren, you are perhaps a woman, or a tranny, and should know. Why don’t you?

Many men here know very well!

I am a woman and I agree with Bertold.  And how sexist are you Lauren? Are you against civil rights because you aren't a POC?

People in this thread are claiming to be interested in women's rights yet side with a man and dismiss a woman. Hilarious and not surprising.

@ Lauren--

What's hilarious is your apparent failure to realize that your last response is proof positive that you have no comprehension of this conversation.

Bert, I second your motion, Lauren doesn’t comprehend.

You will note that my discussions here don't "obsess with religion". Some people have a need to discuss religion because they are still in the process of freeing themselves. I finished that early stage of my deconversion more than 50 years ago. Now I just enjoy companions who aren't burdened by religion.




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