Being atheist does not mean I obsess over religion

It seems whenever I check in on American atheist organizations' social media pages or atheist Facebook groups there is post after post centered on religion, whether it is about politics, religious fanatics or religious quotes on public property. I've always felt out of touch with this "obsession with religion" presented by atheist organizations because, having identified as atheist for over a decade, I've never obsessed over religion but rather just lived life.

A piece from my personal blog...

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The nesting reached an end so this is my comment to Lauren.  LOL You actually think women's rights means ant-male.  

I never said women's rights is anti-male. My point is women should first and foremost be given a level of credit on the subject of women's rights no matter what since, after all, they are women and know what being a woman entails. Hence, as a woman who is a registered Republican, being told by a male that, "There's nothing about Republicans that's consistent with women's rights," shows that he does not care about women who are Republicans, who, at the end of the day, relate to the subject of women's rights more.

Is there somewhere a state Republican party that’s not a subsidiary of the religious right?

They’ve made very clear their view of women’s rights.

Lauren: a modest proposal--for once, why don't you try posing some sort of argument instead of just whingeing?

So how is taking away women's rights supposedly FOR women's rights? Because being pro-life is NOT giving women rights. It is telling them that they should be punished for having sex or that they are simply brood mares. So NO you shouldn't be given credit just because you are a woman if you follow a party that is against your interests.

VP Pence says he’s a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican.

Is that order consistent with where he puts his energy?

Lauren is showing us her priorities.

Lauren, I'm not finding your personal advocacy of Republican politics any more persuasive for atheists than the Republican politicking anyone can experience. For credibility's sake, will you say more about whom you specifically represent as founder and president of Republican Atheists?

I see that its site says "Republican Atheists is a group for those who identify as Atheist, Agnostic, Secular and others who are registered Republicans or take interest in the Republican Party. Our goal is to build awareness of Atheist presence in the Republican Party."

Is yours a membership-based organization? What is its membership? Is it only online? Is it only you? On its calendar page I see speaking gigs by you and, once, one other person; and in the video at , you refer to yourself or your group in the plural, but you're the only representative shown.

Republican Atheists was launched in February 2017 and currently consists of myself and board member Dr. Robert Price. We also have correspondents throughout the US, in California, Louisiana, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Alabama, etc. who are active on our social media pages.

Why do you bother being an atheist among Republicans.  Sisyphus complex?

If you were a non-white, non-christian, non-heterisexual you may enjoy tilting windmills with the KKK. As the video below show's some things may be possible.

Isn't energy better placed elsewhere?

Jew tries to join the KKK.

Are you attempting to revive the ghosts of Abriham Lincolns Republican party of the past?

Richard Nixon's southern strategy changed the Republican political club (party).  Ronnie Raygun emphasised the change.

I learned a new word today. Misandry

It seems misogyny is often used while misandry is in a shadow.

I've been an atheist for over 40 years now, and I never obsessed over religion, but I do love making and sharing jokes about religion.

It is worthy of ridicule, so I enjoy ridiculing it, it livens up parties and gives my friends a great laugh.

There is a lot of funny stuff happening, especially in America and Islamic nations, stupidity rules the roost. :D 




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