Being Childfree Is Not Being Selfish

Breeders often defame childfree people as selfish.   This is not justified, because it confuses healthy self-interest and inconsiderate selfhishness.

Healthy self-interest accepts the importance of one's own legitimate wellbeing under the one condition of responsibility and consideration, that no other person is taken advantage of, exploited, damaged, hurt or seriously desturbed and annoyed.  

Selfishness is putting one's own wellbeing first without any responsibility or consideration.  Taking advantage, exploiting, damaging, hurting or seriously desturbing and annoying others is accepted without any guilt as collateral damage.  

Childfree people follow their legitimate self-interest, their not-breeding does not damage or harm anybody.   Therefore childfree people are not selfish. 

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Have you read about the (cruel, of course) experiments on overcrowding of rats?  They seemed to understand that breeding would just make the crowding worse and previously heterosexual behaving rats began to have homosexual sex.  Infanticide, and child abandonment also increased.  I'll see if I can find the studies and add a link here.
please add the link
Homosexuality and also murder and cannibalism all rise in various animal experiments of overpopulation.

I saw a show about mouse infestation...they ran out of food and ate each other. I could see humans doing that.


If it was just homosexuality on the rise, that'd be nice.

Thanks, Prog Rock Girl.  I had my arms covering my head for protection.  And yes, when gay people have a child, they take it very seriously.  They also don't have whole litters.  (My mother had eight!)

What was that like having so many siblings?  Did you ever feel like your parents didn't have time for you or like you were being raised by your siblings?  That's my big problem with large families is siblings raising siblings.  That's not fair to the older or the younger children.  Of course, I only had one sibling and I had to raise her.   Considering how bad she turned out, I didn't do a very good job of it either.

Given the same total number of offspring... I think it's healthier to have fewer larger families, than millions of one-child families. Larger families are learning experiences and built-in socialisation programs. They are good for the parents, getting built-in baby sitters, and good for the children, who grow up with at least some basic parenting skills. That was China's great mistake, to force everyone to one child, making THAT child ever so precious and sending abortion and infanticide of baby girls through the roof.

Unless I get my dream that humans stop breeding altogether, which isn't going to happen, we need a lottery system (to be fair and unbiased), where some get to have a decent sized litter (to emulate Dogly) and live the extended family lifestyle, and other members of society remain childfree and work or research or volunteer or do politics or whatever others tasks required of modern society which generally creates absentee parents.

Single children are more spoiled, uncaring, selfish, egotistical than among a group of siblings.

I know some one-child families that became roommates. The kids have less of that "only child" experience that way. Most people are so nuclear-family oriented that they wouldn't want to do this, though, and the families have to be compatible.
Yes, Grace, there was no time, money, attention, tuition, or guidance for me.  I was the youngest, and my mother died of cancer, after a looong illness, when I was 10.  My next older sister was often put in charge of me.  I hated her. ( not now, though)  She wanted to catch me "up to no good "  so my father would beat me with a belt.  I was secretive.  I moved out the day I turned 18.
My family was only three, and it's my younger sister who was always whistle-blowing me of all my "up to no good"s. And my father/step-dad also belted me, fuck him. But the relationship with my sister was also healed. I moved out three months after turning 17, for college dorms, far away. Very very happy to go. The older neighbours across the street had 15 children (of my parents' generation) and the worst they got was a finger flick to the scalp.

I just wrote a blog entry including some more thoughts about the difference between breeders' and non-breeders' perception of what is self-interest. 

Self-Interest Or Altruism

I am not defending breeding as anything of value.   I am only attempting to explain the breeders' instinctive urge to breed to restore homeostasis as something real for them.   I accept that their urge to breed is as real as is my repulsion and repugnance of breeding.  It is my attempt not to project my own inclination on others.

Some people's urge to eat and get fat and survive the next famine, that for them never comes, is very real.   That does not give value to obesity.   Instinctive urges are an obsolete but real part of the animal part of the human brain.   


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