i was wondering if anyone on here who is young and lives in an urban "hood" and happens to be totally different. i mean in the city im from all the kids my age only listen to hip hop and are either gangsters or wannabe gangsters. i was wondering how to you deal with it? like getting over the depression and stuff....

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Try not to sweat it, that's best you can do. Fortunately, though it's hard to believe, you'll be out of school and able to do/say whatever the hell you want before too much longer. I hated high school for similar reasons; it was a VERY religious town. Try to stand proud for your ability to think for yourself while surrounded by a bunch of lemmings.
You might also ask in Young Atheists.
Get into clubs and activities you like. Then you'll end up meeting people with the same interests. And you may even find some people you judged to be gangsters to also like those hobbies.
Ignore the idiots and concentrate on studying and making something of yourself. You've got plenty of years to have a social life with people that are not morons if you work hard and put yourself in a better environment.
i feel your pain i really really do, but why do you care?

if you like hanging with those people what does it matter what they wear or listen to?
The best thing you can do is not sweat it. I lived in several type of neighborhoods, even when I was younger and living in the 'hood I still rocked Heavy Metal patches and dressed the way I chose to dress.

Just stick your chest high, and not give a shit. At the end of the day, its those people who are the assholes for judging.
SOIA hardcore music. Rent multiple warehouse-storage units and gather metal bands/dj's . Acoustic guitar. Skateboard (adrenaline on large ramps). Besides there's Greydon Square who I see as a new style of rap to which gansta has no bearing on; nor can survive the wrath of.

"up in the club like yeah nigga yeah
but your seeds at home sayin' where's my gear?"

remember the regan-crack years? birth of 'gangsta' rap; irony?
Be open. I've found that as long as I'm honest about who I am, what I think and why, then most people can at least tolerate it. If they don't, then I move on, because I don't have time to waste with idiots. I think not creating lines of division will help your immediate situation, try not to look at things from the us and them mentality (which is probably what's being done to you, but still). You be the example of a rational atheist, a rational person, and a rational kid just trying to work out your own individuality.



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