Hi everyone. I just wanted to take a moment and share an issue that I am running into a lot with other atheists. I have joined a few atheists clubs lately. One is an atheist dating website. Anyway, I join these things to connect with others like-minded individuals. I'm sure thats why most of us join groups. Anyway, being a black atheist, as I am, has posed yet another issue that I don't think has been covered. I have dated a few atheists now and I have found that they, just like everyone else in the world, seems like, has this issue with us black folks voicing our opinions about the fact that religion being a huge culprit in slavery.  Its like everyone is conditioned to keep the truth about what happened to blacks in this country on the down low. We all have to have the holocost shoved down our throats throughout the years and its ok. But the minute WE start discussing what happened to us and how RELIGION is one of the main culprits, even atheists try to downplay it. WTF! Or we get labeled as angry or militant. It's like we have to acknowledge and share in everyone elses pain but we don't have a right to express what we feel about our plight. How dare we have a slight attitude about it all.


And these guys werent white. They were other brown races. It's like they come over here from these third world countries and they decide to step in black peoples asses just like racist white folks. Its insane!


What I'm trying to say, I guess, is its not enough to connect with other atheists. But, it is imperative that whoever we get with is sensitive to the african american plight in this country. In my opinion its worst than the holocost because shit is still happening to us and we have a right to talk about it.



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2/3? They would have you hung for saying that lol. It was 3/5 of a person.
And the only reason they were considered 3/5 was to give high rates of representation in the US Congress and the Electoral College for pro-slavery states.
the reason was there were so many enslaved folks that if they had been counted the south would of had a big majority, so the north wanted to not count blacks at all and the south wanted to count every black, hence the compromise 3/5
Being an atheist does not automatically indicate intelligence, ability to think critically or removal of assholedom. There could be many reasons, but when I find blacks that get prickly over the obvious connection because they have a problem putting "The black church" in the crosshairs along with other Christian churches. Because most atheists tend to be better educated than average, we also forget they can be stupid when it comes to drawing the circle of logic.
Lol. Assholedom. Hilarius. Its true that atheism does not equal intelligence. I think some people claim to be atheist to APPEAR intelligent. It's a trick. lol
The majority of those in the US who identify foremost as atheist are some variety of a "proud to be an American" and do not want their severely twisted image of America as "the home of the free" and all that BS to be upset. They don't want to admit that this country was founded by slave-owning, women-hating, genocidal barbarians. They pray at the alter of Jeffersonian Democracy and even heap praise upon those monsters.

I suggest you attend some communist gatherings in your area (if no communist bookstores in your area then find us at protests or play with google) if you're looking to network with atheists who fully understand the oppression of Black people.

The root cause of the oppression of Black people, from slavery through today, is that individuals are allowed to own the means to produce the goods that are required of us to survive and those who're most ruthless in their exploitation of the Earth and its inhabitants --(the exploitation I refer to here occurs when workers are given less than 100% of the wealth their labor produces) --are rewarded with an elevated $tatus. <--Those people historically have been White males, who're still riding the wave from the wealth generated under chattel slavery and the theft of the land of the indigenous peoples. <---All else flows from this set up: religion (and in particular what form a religion takes, what parts of the texts that get highlighted etc..), the dominant culture (currently as I've termed it the "rich White culture of selfishness, exploitation and destruction"), everything. Nearly 1 out of 8 young black males is in prison in this country, not because Black people are genetically different, but because racism is built into the very fabric of this system. Revolution is necessary.
Well stated.

i agree with you,  but it is a bit more complex.

black skin makes it easier to exploit individuals in a "white" country, but if there were only white skins here the capitalist would exploit the white skinned workers  (a lot more!!)

Hi Jessica. You're right. The empathy for the nature of betrayal people of afro-carribian decent have experienced often times simply isn't there. Religion is the polarizer it seems. People feel as long as they can express to others the plight, travails and strength of their own ethnic group, their done. Understanding the validity of another groups narrative is the other side of it. That's the piece which helps one see the big picture of exactly who has been manipulated by religion and who's not only still stuck there but who is making things better and who is making things worse.
Maybe it's because I'm located in the South, but white atheists I've met usually think black people being pissed about the role religion played as a tool of subjugation is perfectly understandable.

GREAT POST - I live in Washington DC and I have never met African American/ Black woman that is Atheist. I would say over 95% of woman I met believe in deity even if they do not go to church. Most of our people don't know the importance of learning history not just our own. Example I like to use - when Jews were enslaved in African (Egypt) did they learn religion of their masters HELL NO WHEN ALL OF EUROPE EXPELLED THEM DID THEY START WORSHPPING JESUS hell no – for record it was not just Germany it was all of Europe, for some reason that part is left out of history LOL. Show me enslaved race people who took on history of their masters and control world. Now show me fake enslaved people who stole another’s history and they will rule the world.


Dating is dating at the end of the day and I found it easier to feel a person out before expressing your true emotions. Money, Religion and Children will always be areas of contention.


Side note – I was going to become pastor, change the world with my faith. After two years of research what I found is that religion is tool used to control the mind so that they (Persons in charge) can steal wealth of world


 I call this the MOTTO - throughout my studies of all cultures this is what I discovered - If you like it please share with your friends


Education + Life experience = wisdom – which leads to spiritual growth throughout your life journey

Education comes from school as well as what you learn from others friends and family


Life experience comes from the path you walk in life as well as what you learn from listening to others life journey (Empiricism: knowledge is obtained through experience)


Wisdom is a combination of the two intertwining throughout your life


Spiritual Growth is that truth and knowledge you gain

I don't know how anyone could discount the effects of Christianity on slavery in the US. The Southern Baptist Convention was created out of a schism over whether slavery was biblical. Slaves in the South were taught, by their white masters and by their own leaders, to look forward not to freedom here on Earth, but to freedom in death. They were sold a Jewish savior who supported slavery. It doesn't make any sense, but it can't be ignored.


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