Your beliefs control your life.  It can go no other way.  And the more deep rooted, your beliefs, the broader the extent of their control and the more plausible these beliefs seem to be.  Whether you believe in energy, aliens or deities, your beliefs will be reinforced in every aspect of your life via the things you do, the things that happen to you and the things that happen that you become aware of.  This fact is very easy for you to prove to yourself.  Just take the time to step back and observe your life and the things that happen in it.  For example, you may have your religion in which you were thoroughly indoctrinated, everything proves what you were taught to believe and all other religions are just a load of tripe (as far as you may be concerned) and yours is the (only) real deal.  The thing is, everyone else’s religious belief is the real deal as well, because just like in your case, everything that happens in their lives and around them proves their beliefs beyond any reasonable doubts you may have.  It is the same thing for those who hold no religious beliefs.  Nothing from any holy book or so called prophet say will prove to them that there are such things as gods or even spirits.  The bottom line is, life as a whole runs on this universal rule, and if you choose to believe in yourself and the achievement of your goals – harnessing unwavering focus resilience that is born from the unlimited reserve of inner strength you have within you – you will see yourself achieving the goals you set and in essence you would be controlling the directions which your life takes. As we say here in JA, ‘bileef kill an bileef kyure’ (belief kills and belief cures). 

How have you guys been directing your lives?

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There is a corollary to the above which I think is apropos:

What you put your attention on grows in your life.
-- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi




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