im new to atheism and i had a few questions about general beliefs

how did we get here?

why are we here?

how do we know what's true and what is not?

Why is there good/evil?

how do we overcome evil?

how do we become happy?

what happens when we die?

thanks guys

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Is atheism a belief system? Yes. A religion. No. One does not worship a belief system, which can merely be the way a logical person thinks and solves problems, both about himself and everything else around him. New proven knowledge can make a belief system change. Religion, on the other hand, has a cut and dried dogmatism about it that prevents the believer from seeing the forest for the trees.

I realize Atheists may not have all the answers to the questions you pose.  I can say one thing.  Whatever the answer is it isn't magic or miracles or witchcraft or any of that nonsense.  Quite often I'll hear religious people say "well science got this or that wrong" or "paleontologists mistook and pig tooth for a descendant of man".  All of that may be true but it does not make their magical mythology any more plausible.   

NOBODY has the answers that we all seek. Man has a need and a desire to know things he cannot know, and therefore he lies. He has a need to control. Suddenly we find that "god has been talking to him" in the past or at the present time. He becomes your superior (or leader) and he provides you with all the answers. When you join forces with this mentality you become a part of it. You become someone who knows all the answers.

Thank Constantine for all of this. He fulfilled his own needs by accepting christianity and having over 66 books bound together as one. This creates a false history of things. If you think not, look at our world today!

One thing you will realize is that you are responsible for all of your actions and you will start to make better choices in life.

Exactly!!! It is far too easy to say, "god said ..." or "the bible instructs ..." whatever! Put the responsibility on someone or something other than oneself and that way if things don't work out one can't be held accountable. The adult can stay a child forever; never grow up and take responsibility for oneself. That is one of the reasons religion is unhealthy. 




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