Ben Carson Belongs in a Nut-House, Not The White House!

Dr. Ben Carson has demonstrated himself publicly as being a completely fallacious DUNCE in a single presentation at Cedarville University.

He lives up to his nickname of Dumby in this speech.

His speech actually declares himself to be INSANE!

Fallacy 1:  (False Analysis, Assumption and Straw-Man Fallacy) Carson stated that scientists believe that the Big Bang produced perfect order, FALSE, Almost no scientists believe that.  Science only states that the Expansion (not necessarily explosion) produced matter and the energy we are aware of in the physical world.  This is somewhat chaotic and any order is achieved only by the interaction of these resultant matter and forces to produce molecules, but, again, these occur somewhat randomly.

So Carson started his talk with a massive lie.

He is supposedly a neurosurgeon, but shows that he has obviously no idea of Science. With his displayed knowledge, he'd fail science 101.  

Fallacy 2: (False Analogy) He claims he law of Entropy works against what scientists believe, when it was science itself that discovered and use the law of entropy.  It is only a model for understanding the dissipation of energy within a closed system.  The universe may or may not be undergoing entropy, which would mean a slowing down of the expansion and gradually start contracting, but the discovery that the expansion is accelerating actually denies any validity to the law of entropy with regards to the universe.

Fallacy 3: (False Assumption and Straw-man Fallacy) "Scientists think they are always correct".  Evidently Carson has failed Science 101, as science and scientists all understand that the theories and laws they are dealing with are somewhat tentative and not set in concrete.  Scientists hope they are correct is a better statement, as in many cases, lives depend on their being correct, such as launching space missions and bridge engineering carrying multiple vehicles across large expanses of water.  We had all better hope that science is correct, for our own sake.

He is totally denying the science behind brain surgery which was his own profession, so he appears to be in a total state of idiotic denial.  Such is the symptoms of a completely contrived, usurper.

He's playing games with the truth for the sake of conning voters. 

Either that or he is a complete lunatic.   I think the lunatic tag is most likely.

Carson has been watching too much television as he thinks the story of Frankenstein's Monster is how scientists believe life and humans evolved.

Fallacy 4:  ( Nonsensical Assertion and Straw-man Fallacy) Carson thinks scientists believe a bolt of lightning created life and humans, which is a total fabrication he made up on the spot.  He is obviously lying to the audience or he is insane, it appears that insanity is the most probable answer there.

Nearly his entire speech smacks of delusional insanity.

Fallacy 5: (False Analogy and Straw-man Fallacy (yet again)) Carson uses the old "Something came from Nothing" fallacy, or a false analysis fallacy. Saying that scientists believe something came from nothing, which could not be further from the truth, in spite of the title of Lawrence Krauss's book.  Scientists always assume that something pre-existed, from which the phenomenon was produced.  Such as a pre-existing infinite soup of sub-atomic particles from which the so called big bang, expansion produced atoms and thus matter and energy. Which is a very probable theory.

Carson repeats the first two stupid Fallacies again.

So Carson spends the entire speech, knocking down Straw-Man scientists that don't actually exist, except for in his own arrogant, delusional, idiotic mind.

The only valid assessment of Dr. Ben Carson, a rational person could make is that he has become a totally fallacious, but extremely arrogant RETARD!

Science students at Cedarville University, if they had any knowledge of science, would still call Dr. Ben Carson  Dummy 

Here's the full presentation:

There are many other fallacies in the full speech, including his complete misunderstanding of that a Constitution means, where he thinks that America is a Christian nation, just because he and his friends decide that it is.  Which denies the role of the secular constitution in determining how the government creates policies.  If policies were based on Christian ideology and Biblical laws, the U.S. would have been destroyed by now.

Carson doesn't understand how Naive about absolutely everything, politics, science, social values, etc... he actually is.

He can only be considered as:

Dr. Carson Is Far Too Stupid To Run For Any Office.

He and Donald Trump should share the "All Time Public Dunce" cap.

He'd fail to even get a chair in the administration of a university here.


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So... Ben Carson trots out many of the same old tired cliches used by evangelists and other believers to attempt to discredit established science. Is anyone here really surprised? Why should we be surprised when this is fundamentally the stand of most of those running for president from the Republican Party?

The saddest part of all of this is that no one in attendance called him on it.

Yes, that is sad, and at a university makes it even worse.

It must be a Bible thumping campus, as at any of the campuses I attended, the face-palming of students would sound like a thunderclap and it would happen at nearly every sentence Carson spoke.

I wonder why not? Surely an astute news reporter could make news by making a reality check with Carson and reveal his false ideas. 

Are there no Democrats eager to catch him in error? 

There has to be such a large proportion of the public that agree with him that it's politically expedient to keep quiet. If this stuff was broadcast on the BBC people would probably think it was a comedy sketch, or if not, threaten to withhold their license fee.

This is the man who was hawking some natural remedy for prostate cancer even though he had his own removed as a preventative measure. What else would one expect of him. That seems to be the kind of science he specialises in.
A total fool.
Daniel, when the story was broadcasted Carson denied it. Even though clips of the ads were played along with the story.

Odd thing I knew I had seen that sleepy eyed slow speaking man before he ran for office but I couldn't place him but the story broke. Had to have been on a PBS station. I believe the other ads he did was for internet. But I also think the story broke at the same time of another mass shooting so that buried it.

Yes, Carson has become the face of anti-science, along with Ken Ham and Ray Comfort.

Though he has the highest profile at the moment.

I just took a Google-poke at Cedarville University, and once again, I cannot confess any surprise at all.  It is a privately funded, very conservative, bible-based institution in southern Ohio (face-palm!).  On the positive side, it is highly ranked in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges.  On the flip side, it has apparently been the subject of more than a few controversies, including dismissing a professor for writing a book "contrary to creationist views" and squelching the distribution of an alternative campus newspaper which, among other things, criticized the school's treatment of gays.

So Ben Carson went to a bible-friendly venue to spout his uneducated and long-since-debunked bullshit.  Anyone here remember Rick Santorum and Ave Maria University back in 2008?

Rick Santorum really should be certified. There has to be a line where illusion ends and delusion starts, and he is definitely across the line.

Santorum, Carson, Cruz, Trump (!) – they all jumped the shark ages ago.  The problem remains that such events do not get the kind of broad mainstream media coverage that they deserve. 

Point on that curve: Donald Trump approves of waterboarding, even if it doesn't work.  My Google-search told me that NBC, ABC and CBS all have this on their websites, but I don't recall either CBS or NBC (both of which I follow) mentioning it on their evening newscasts.  Why?  Is someone afraid of offending someone else?

I'm sure that's what it is Loren. Trump may not perform for them if he doesn't get his way... waaa-waaah.

Ben Carson's anti-scientific stupidity or could we call it erroneous naivety of what science is, goes back decades.

He evidently has no idea of what the word 'Science' actually means, nor how 'Science' works.

Thus he has failed even science 101, how he became a neurosurgeon, I'm farked if I know.

Maybe he was only good at using the scalpel but he has no idea of theory nor neuroscience.

In fact, his conspiracy theories and the use of pyramids to store grain nonsense, drives home that Ben Carson is mentally unfit to run for president of a boy scout group, and certainly not fit to run for the presidency of any nation.

In fact, many of his comments deem him only suitable for confinement in a psychiatric hospital.


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