Many arguments have been laid out for the supposed benefits of religion, claiming that intrinsic value is enough to keep it lingering. Refuting such obvious misconceptions has come to a point of beating a dead horse. If you think that without religion, morals would be unknown, then ask yourself if rape, murder, and thievery were exalted before god wrote them down for Moses. Did the Israelites really make it all the way to Mt. Sinai thinking that these things were permissible? Is introspection too far from the realm of possibility that we needed these things written down? Not one culture in history that we know of tolerated such atrocities. Humanitarianism, the willingness to harmoniously advance the plight of the species, instinctively guides our morals unaided by ancient scripture.


Do you think that without religion, life would be meaningless and unfulfilled? People think this is the only alternative and are tumultuously missing the point. “But you atheists don't believe in anything! When you die, nothing happens?!” The horse is becoming a grotesque mutilation. Just because we don't mutter dead languages synonymously or wave fancy hand gestures in sequence doesn't mean that we are to be treated like lepers!


If the falsifiable nature of religious institutions is beyond reckoning, ask yourself; Why do you give religion so much of your trust? Why give it more than, say, the government? Business corporations? Or even your peers? It is clear that our government has lied to its people on more than hundreds of occasions. Gossip amongst coworkers, relatives, classmates, and teammates are transparent in our society today. Apologies for; false advertising, unsanitary, dangerous products, and immoral business practices, are repeatedly conducted by corporations after cornered with blame by lawsuits. Why, then, when submerged in prominent inconsistencies, does religion get disregarded? It seems that forgiveness is administered by humans much more than by these deities. You can only allow religion a free pass on your logic for so long until you come to terms with the actuality of the situation. When it comes to toleration, it is to be distributed to matters beyond one's control. People that don't inquire into their beliefs are doing a highly unrespectable injustice.


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