The increasing effort of the right to make the attack on Benghazi into a scandal of Watergate proportions has been disgustingly political and reveals a determination to impeach the President. The facts don't seem to support that effort, but what is hard is the inability of the administration to respond full force.

The installation at Benghazi was ostensibly a consulate and in fact a diplomatic post covering a CIA operation. Two of the four killed there were CIA employees who were manning a machine gun on the roof of the CIA compound. Conventional wisdom is that intelligence operations should not be part of a diplomatic mission, but that rule is routinedly violated by almost everyone in my understanding.

That leaves the administration without much recourse in explaining their position and the opposition is fully aware of that. It is a sign of how vicious the partisan politics has become that this is being used for political advantage.

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I agree with you fully. This explains why we only know what was said in the first place, and politically the Benghazi issue is being used in a similar way as "Monica and the semen soaked dress." What's done is done, but the crime here is the impending cost to the taxpayer if investigations go forward.

The only point where I would disagree with you is the issue of the target of this witch hunt.  My suspicion is that the target is less Obama than it is Hillary Clinton.  The GOP knows that she is a shoe-in for the democratic nomination in 2016, and that she would be DAMNED hard to run against.  What you have here is a preemptive "swift-boating" strike to muddy the waters ahead of the event.


For another take on the issue....  Republicans try to implicate Hillary Clinton in Lincoln Assassination.

Merde - shades of The Onion!

Borowitz could easily write for the onion - similar style.

oh wow - I hadn't seen that article.

Actually I believe that both Obama and Clinton are targets here. And given Obama's reluctance to defend himself or sell his ideas to the public, I predict that the attack on both will be successful.

Right now the GOP wants to weaken Obama so that he cannot fight back in the budget negotiations later this year. That sets them up to take back the Senate in 2014 and then they will go forward with impeachment. Imagine what it would do for the GOP to have impeached both of the last two Democratic Presidents. It might allow them to retake the Presidency without minority votes. At this point they are quite sure of themselves and I don't believe Obama's responses will do anything to change that. He has no idea how much trouble he is in now.

I wonder if the IRS involvement in delays for conservative groups will be a bigger scandal.  Not looking good.  The country has better things to do than become mired in scandals.




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