Even the word religion has debatable origins. A popular etymology involves related roots - ligare or link and legere or gather and legio or read/ponder. Perhaps you can see that they are all about connections. I prefer 'relink' or 'link to the past'.

Be that as it may, besides the obvious distinctions (see - metaphysics and no visible means of support), what are the similarities and differences at the root of these words/concepts:

1. Patriotism
2. Culture
3. Loyalty
4. Tradition
5. Religion
6. Heritage

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Basically, all of these things have to do with fear of change and fear of the unknown. Loyalty, tradition, and heritage all involve staying within a comfort zone. Patriotism, culture, and religion involve fear of that which we do not know or understand, whether it be the attitudes and customs of other peoples or not understanding why things happen or what happens after we die.
I think that the human race created religion and "heaven" because they can not deal with the fact that there is nothing after death. They made up heaven to try and feel more comfortable with dying and so they wouldn't feel as scared. I also think that this is stupid because if "God" made people then who made "God". Religion is just a big made up fairytale to me.
I have loyalty ... to at least one friend I've known for over 30 years, who has given to me and to whom I have at least tried to give back ... and therein lies at least something of a tradition of which I am DAMNED PROUD. It is a living tradition which has grown and changed with the years, and has enriched me and I hope enriched him.

Culture is an element of our environment, education and history. It can be good or bad, depending not just on those elements, but on how we react to them and contribute to them.

Patriotism is both defending your country and supporting your country ... but support MUST include both positive and negative feedback. A dynamic system without negative feedback will lose control and run away. A HUMAN system without positive feedback will grow indifferent at best and angry at worst.

Heritage is what you got from those who went before. It might be good; it might be not so good. What YOU choose to do with it will define the heritage YOU offer to those who come after.

Religion is the only term here which doesn't belong. Religion has the unfortunate tendency to take the negatives of all the other terms and amplify them through the lens of dogma and absolutes and, as the word itself says, TIES US BACK ... to the past, to superstition, to unreality and to darkness.

Moral: Do NOT let words rule you ... YOU Rule the Words!
I agree. My question actually assumes two things - these words are related BUT different.

The relationship is that there is value in holding on to what you know.

The key to all of them is how they are tested going forward. Many religion DEMAND they not (really) be tested since they make 'heresy' the unforgivable sin.

Nationalism is a type of patriotism that is like religion in this way. Patriotism, as you point out, can be much healthier if dissent is respected and expected.

Cultures may be rigid or wildly flexible.

Heritage may have no hold on a person at all- it may simply be where a person came from. My heritage extends from Scandinavia to the Ivory coast and all in between as well a Canada to the Caribbean.

Loyalty is probably the best of all. It acknowledges that, despite all of our differences, we can be there for each other in the ways it always matters. My most loyal friend has many different ideas about reality that I do. But if I were dead drunk and homeless he would take me in, clean me up and help me back to my feet. And I would do the same.
Be cautious of the root fallacy.
Please forgive me for not addressing these words/concepts directly. I can't find too much positive to say about nationalism, if anything. It's natural to feel nostalgia and comfort when reflecting on one's birthplace and childhood, assuming that the associated memories are positive. However, when this turns into feelings of inherent racial, ethnic, cultural or religious superiority, an irrational blinding nationalistic pride is born. Instead of celebrating the commonality of human experience, nationalism divides and weakens us as a species.




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