I've got so many of the, well, what I consider the "staple" atheism podcasts, like Atheist Experience, Irreligiosophy, Ask an Atheist, Dogma Free America, Skepticality, and others.  What are your Favorites, and Any lesser known podcasts we should know about?

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I like Atheist News and Chariots of Iron.

I don't know why.
My two favorite podcasts!!! I've been working through the archives for about a month now and I'm almost done :( You guys are hilarious! Keep it up!
Reasonable Doubts, out of Grand Rapids Michigan, won the best "religious" podcast award for 2009.
I agree that Reasonable Doubts and Atheist News are great. My favorite is the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe with Steven Novella and company. I also enjoy Point of Inquiry with Chris Mooney (CFI) and For Good Reason with DJ Grothe (JREF). That is enough to keep you busy for a week.
I really appreciate "Rationally Speaking". It's not an "atheist" podcast, but it does deal with topics related to critical thinking
I really like 'The Good Atheist' as well. There is also 'A Christian & an Atheist' for more of a debate, but you don't hear much from the atheist, he just asks a lot of questions most of the time.
here are some other good ones i didn't see mentioned yet...

The Non-Prophets - basically same crew as The Atheist Experience, without callers.
Eight Hour Lunch - ex-Mormon, nice to hear a non-mainstream-xtian perspective.
Godless Business - atheists in Australia, good production values, tend to ramble a bit.
American Freethought - two atheists in Georgia discuss current events of interest to atheists.
Secular Nation - each episode is 1 article from Secular Nation Magazine + interview w/author.
In addition to some of the ones already mentioned, I enjoy Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot (from commonsenseatheism.com) and Bob Price's The Bible Geek (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/TheBibleGeek).
The Good Atheist is quite good. It's always great for a laugh.

Righteous Indignation isn't specifically atheist but it's skeptical to the point where it often touches religion.

There's a lot. I rarely find myself lacking something new to listen to.

This ours, which we just launched. I'll throw it into the mix and perhaps you'll enjoy it :)

DOWNLOAD: Better Off Damned Podcast: Episode 1

All of the above are good but I have to say that Atheist Experience out of Austin, Texas is my favorite.




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