I've got so many of the, well, what I consider the "staple" atheism podcasts, like Atheist Experience, Irreligiosophy, Ask an Atheist, Dogma Free America, Skepticality, and others.  What are your Favorites, and Any lesser known podcasts we should know about?

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and american and atheist ireland youtube yes

I have a list of favorites. Then I'll make a separate post to shamelessly plug for my own podcast: Facts Before Faith

Reasonable Doubts One of the very best Atheist podcasts ever. Thoughtful and professional, but still entertaining and funny. They are now on the Freethought Blogs network.

Church of Awesome This podcast is right up there with Reasonable Doubts. They're often just as deep, but with much more foul-mouthed humor added for good measure. The mostly former Mormon crew has a lot of detailed and interesting insights into their former denomination. But they cover all sorts of non-Mormon topics too. A definite must for your playlist.

Living After Faith An excellent podcast with very candid life stories from a former Pentecostal minister and his amazing wife. They have great interviews an are quite inspirational, in a humanistic way of course. They helped to show me that living after faith can be far more warm, vibrant and exciting than it was before.

The Thinking Atheist A great podcast from a great guy, Seth Andrews. Seth is a mild mannered podcast host by day and an insanely talented video production super hero by night. Check out his videos on YouTube. They were instrumental in my long and multifaceted deconversion process.

Geeks Without God This is a new found favorite of mine. Very geeky and very atheistic. Just my style. Oh, and lots of movie and sandwich talk.

+1 for Seth at The Thinking Atheist. Love that guy. 

Facts Before Faith

We're an atheist podcast questioning theistic claims & arguments. We cover current religious topics as well as logical and philosophical concepts. We talk about serious issues, but aren't above a bit of sophomoric humor.

I genuinely like our show and think it's worth listening to. Have a listen and let us know what you think. We put a lot of effort into the show and would love to have it catch on.



I remember this thread and ãnother about best atheist sites from a few years ago when i used to come here regularly. I was still target new to t interweb and att didnot know much other than t Dawkins sítě and this one.

Since them, possily because of these two threads, i have checked out quite a few. I think, i would say Cognitive Disonence and Reasonable Doubts used to be my faves untill i recently discovered The Scathing Atheist.

I think their battle cry/slogan/whatever is "When 'fuck you' is t only reasonable responce". As such it may not be t best first choice for outreach or fence sitters. But for those of us ready to hear all types of theism and woo woo ridiculed and skewered along w plenty of dick jokes, then this one is for us.

The wife and I wait for it every Thursday morning. They just did ep. 53. And I have gone back and listened to almost all their back eps. And I just santer to turn yall into them also.




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