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That's funny!
Maybe they didn't have a prophet, or couldn't turn a profit!
I'm skeptical whether this is a legit picture or not (the doubtcasters at Reasonable Doubts got tricked on church signs not that long ago).

If it's legit, I'd have to say that's pretty hilarious. If not though, it's still funny.
Whether it's a put-up job or not doesn't matter because [Loren revs up his best infomercial sales voice] NOW! You can make your own church signs, too at:

It won't slice, dice, or make Julienne fries, but it'll will take any text you want, blasphemous or not, and create a believable looking church sign for it! Just look at these marvelous examples:

And let's not forget:

That's right, folks, you can even use four-letter words and get away with it!

So don't delay, do it today! That's:


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