Best way to deal with religious bullying in public school?

Since we moved to Texas 4 months ago, my second grade son has been complaining increasingly of being bullied for not being Christian.  He's been told that he and his family are going to hell (soon, according to one girl, since god will be destroying the Earth very soon), has been tattle on twice for admitting that he doesn't believe in god, has had other students verbally gang up on him several times, etc.  My third grade daughter tells me that she experiences harassment, too, and therefore has started lying to people and pretending to be Christian to avoid the meanness.  I just wrote emails to both teachers asking that they discuss religious tolerance with their classes.  What else could/should I do, or is that all I can do realistically?

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I blame the imports;)  I have been to Florida several times to scuba dive and I don't think I ever met anyone there who wasn't from New Jersey.

Yea, they blame imports all the time. I am an import and can guarantee I am much more polite than most of the people I deal with. I live in Jacksonville.

Most imports I run into seem to be from Ohio for some reason. It is easy to blame the imports but the southern accents gives them away. Such as when your surrounded by mid income, born and bread Floridians at an event, who laugh when a 10 year old black girl gets hit by a car dies, and state one less (insert "n" word) in the world.

ewwe, sorry that should have been bred not bread. Mind must have been on the lunch I missed.



Iva Viddal - There is no way to reply directly to your post. No button.

Anyways, we just missed the accident. The cops had the road blocked off so we had to take another road. We asked what happened when we got there and that was when we got that disgusting reply.


They said this in front of our kids. The sad part was we found out who the kid was that died the next day, it was one of my 10 year olds best friends from school. She was very sweet child.

It was his first experience losing a friend or someone close and to me it was sickening that he had to hear these words said about his friend who died.

I live in a very religious part of California, which could quite easily be transplanted into the bible belt and not notice a thing. :)

I live in a small, rural town in the Sierra Nevada foothills. A friend of mine once described the foothills as the "Bible Belt of California." My friend from San Jose experienced culture shock and she only lives a few hours away.


I wouldn't worry about ending up here. There are no jobs.


(I'd like to move, but I can't.)

I'm happy to hear that the teachers did their part. I wonder if it was because of fear of a lawsuit, etc. or did they genuinely feel it was the right thing to do? Would it be out of line to thank them in some way? A box of candy, a note sent by your child, or an e-mail? Alot of southern teachers feel that non-xtians are trouble makers, and i'd just feel compelled to let them know where i'm coming from. It might change the way they think about things/people. Teachers influence alot of people and this could snowball into a positive thing. That's my hope :/

Come to Florida. ? Surely Texas is going through modernity fatigue.

This is actually so disturbing to hear! You wonder who are the persecuted ones...




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