Now that I have your attention, my name is Trevor. Yet another in the long line of reformed Christers here at the Nexus. I've been five years out of theological repression, and couldn't be prouder of it. So from you, I just want to know: If you could remove religion's evil grip on one specific thing about the world with one wave of your Harry Potter brand magic wand, what would that be? Allowing stem-cell research? Gay rights? Getting rid of those bloody fake church bells that ring every day? What's your magic?

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I like how your mind works! Just to spice it up throw the fundamentalist hebrews in the mix that would be hilarious.
I would remove religions' evil grip on Government. With my awesome super magic, I would make it so that every time some religious douche wants to use the state to coerce people and groups they'd get terrible, acute, pulsating migraines and explosive diarrhea. Toilet paper will probably run out on some countries, but at least the creepiest of citizens will be too occupied to meddle in other people's lives.
... and explosive diarrhea. Toilet paper will probably run out on some countries...

That's mean! Use your super magic to shorten their arms, save on toilet paper, and save the trees!
Hello and welcome!

While everyone else thought big, my first thought was small. I would have religion lose its grip on my family. A couple years ago my mom was having a bad time with life, and in her state of weakness got really deep in with some local fundamentalists Christians. She has convinced my very impressionable siblings that science, school and universities are Satan poisoning the mind.

Outside of the family, I am working very hard to see that religion is not taught in the schools, especially in science. I'm very passionate in this area, and work little by little in my spare time to do what I can in the battle.
I would wave my magic wand and in one swoosh I'd eliminate the influence religion has on religious individuals independence. I feel that people should have faith in themselves, rather than depend on a mystical being, and I would definitely add open mindedness to their new found independence. "swoosh!!" or was it "swish and flick" [I <3 HP]
I'd make children listen to reason instead of their parents. A lot of kids would lick outlets and die, but they were the stupid ones who didn't listen to reason anyway.

Also, why is this in Introductions?
I really had no idea this would take on such a life of it's own. I'm glad it has, but you're right, Jared, it hasn't been so much an introduction as commentary. But thank you to everyone who added a comment here. I think we should all take this conversation to the hot tub and keep freethinking.


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